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this is very very sad movie to watch
22 October 2010
I used to like the "jackass" series because the cast included cool people who were doing crazy cool stuff ... all were taking part and sharing the humiliation and pain. They really liked it and enjoyed doing it. I liked watching it ... This movie which tries to ride on the same semi success waves it a totally different thing. The previously young jackass member, BAM, got a bit older and is trying to become JonnyK by building a team and leading a so called exploration mission. The problems start with the BAM character which appears as a really bad person and an nasty human being. There is NO DNA connection to Stivo or the "party boy". Not sure what went wrong but during the entire movie he's just molesting and humiliating his gang while actually doing nothing else. This is not fun to watch. After few min' you feel so empathic to those people who really hate this BAM and will do whatever is necessary to get their pay check … the level of abuse is really something new. In addition, there is nothing really interesting there to watch … no story, no crazy things, no cool stuff, nothing !!! Just two abuse stories, one at Finland and one at the states. Bottom line, this is really a sad movie to watch. I truly hope the so called gang made some money out of it, but as it seems, I'm positive that BAM made sure this won't happen and "sold" them the future upside of becoming famous … with a tattoo to prove it …
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