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An Education (2009)
Disappointed by Short-Cuts
11 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I was disappointed in the writers for taking a short-cut by having David turn out to be a coward/crook/immature creep, and letting that discovery be the film's turning point, rather than Jenny experiencing a deeper revelation about the life she was pursuing at the expense of taking the "hard route."

And the disappointment is heightened by the potential that the film had leading up to the map theft, even though it was still salvageable until we learn David is married.

A better fulcrum for Jenny's revelation could have been made through her experience with Helen (the ditz) and tandem with Danny betraying David by discouraging Jenny's decision to marry.

I thought this was where the film was going.

So what could have been a great film with the premise of "that which is not earned is not valued" instead became "men are invariably slime balls; don't trust them."

IE - if David had not been a fraud, there is no reason to believe that Jenny would have changed her mind at all and all of her reasons for making the choices she did would have been justified.
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I suppose Christopher Reeve should have killed himself
9 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Pretty disgusting, non-life affirming movie. If your life sucks - kill yourself, because *some* lives are not worth living.

And this woman did not have as much to complain about as many others before her who faced far greater losses and had far fewer assets than she did.

A good counter-argument to this film is Castaway. The main character there may as well have killed himself too.

While I disagree strongly with Chris Reeves politics, he took a pretty horrid situation and committed his life to productive achievement - he continued acting and sought political reform.

So you can't walk again, thus you can't fight again, thus you should kill yourself? What about Morgan Freeman's character? He lost an eye - oh no, no more crowds cheering - I suppose that he should inject himself with a lethal dose of addrenaline, too.

That, along with a VERY inaccurate portrayal of a Catholic priest (his answer for 'explain the Trinity' is not the answer a real Catholic priest would ever give) makes clear the producers ignorance and disdain for the Church of Rome.
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Kid Notorious (2003)
Horridly Unfunny
23 October 2003
Not interesting, maybe just to Hollywood types who are full of themselves. Comedy Central is definitly hit or miss - hits are South Park, Reno 911, and Crank Yankers. KN is definitly a big miss - not just unfunny, but unwatchable and stupid. It makes you feel stupid just watching it.
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Reno 911! (2003–2009)
2nd best show by CC ever
15 October 2003
Excellent chaser for Southpark. Hilarious, original, smart. Most skits are at least chuckle-worthy, but some are absolutly dead-on crackups. The series has a lot of potential -a lot of places it can go. The characters are set up to cover all the stereotypes, all the character types you would expect in a show like this - and some you wouldn't expect. Anyway, this is the second best show to originate on CC after Southpark.
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Underworld (2003)
Great style, char development, and lore
27 September 2003
If you saw the trailer, you know this movie has style to the max - very slick and smart in that way. Surprisingly, though, the characters are well developed as you come to understand their motivations. Granted, it's no Shakespear, but still keeps you on your toes. And for anyone interested in this genre, the lore of the movie is very well done, very plausible within context, and a great start for a new franchise.
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excellent film, exactly what a movie should be
17 March 2003
Warning: Spoilers
Subtle character development and a good blend of music and cinematics. This is not a film for cynics - it is an attack on cynacism. All of the technology was real, and this kind of an event could happen and similar events have happened in Rwanda and Somalia. The only marginal implasability was *spoiler - stop reading if you haven't seen it* that the initial rocket attack caused the trees to fall in an optimal defensive position for our heroes.
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3 March 2003
Unlike most films that focus on this era that seek to dramatize and weave plots through the background of historical events, Gods and Generals focuses on the individual dramas of conflicting motivations on both sides of the war, with special focus on Stonewall Jackson.

A very enjoyable film for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Most notable is that there really aren't any true villians in this film, making it a genuine tradgedy.
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