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This tournament will be decided by your votes, you will have the chance to select the winner among eight pairs, for example;
1 Chris Hemsworth
2 Hugh Jackman
3 Sylvester Stallone
4 Vin Diesel
The versus mode it is by pairs means that 1 vs 2 and 3 vs 4, so if you like Chris Hemsworth more than Hugh Jackman then you reply 1 then if you like Sylvester Stallone more than Vin Diesel then you reply 3 so in total you will write 1,3 and the same goes with the rest by numerical order 5 vs 6, 7 vs 8 till reaches the last contestants 15 vs 16.
So after you choose the 8 winners you will write it like this;
Each number will represent the fighter that won the match either by fame, action background or whatever make you feel that this Super Star deserve to be the winner. The next Tournament will be based in the most popular 8 winner chosen by all of you, and this fight will be mixed so the eight Super Stars will battle fiercely with your help of course.

Each Action Star will have lines telling you who he is challenging and why he could be the winner.

And only 4 will win entering the final stages of this tournament leading to 2 winners that will give us the ultimate Super Action Star!!!

I am the number 17th I don't fight any one of this Super Action Stars because I am the moderator and organizer of the tournament, so don't mix me in the rumble :)

Thanks and Enjoy!!!!
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The Long Wavy Hair Talents that symbolize freedom and wilderness or a new version of Samson that if you cut them their hair they might lose their strength and might, please recommend me more talents that you might think fit these category thanks.