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Firestorm (1997)
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good sci-fi, 26 April 2003

Not a bad movie. Cast is strong - Bentley Mitchum, John Savage, Paul Williams all turn is a great performance. Roxanna Zal (Rivers edge) might want to consider turning in her Emmy though. Her performance is sooo boring it brings the movie down a bit. Otherwise, the movie is fun. Explosions, fights, guns, twists and turns. Even a small role played by Gary wolf(scott's brother)! Great for a rainy day sunday afternoon...

Conviction (2002) (TV)
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Pretty good all the way around., 24 April 2003

The movie has solid acting all the way around. It is the true story of Carl Upchurch. Quite a remarkable story actually. In and out of prison, teaches himself how to read and tries to make a difference in the world instead of using his circumstances as an excuse to remain ignorant. Omar Epps is great as Upchurch, Dana Delany is great as his mentor and Bentley Mitchum as Ledford does an exceptional job of wrapping up all the different personalities of inmates - Ledford is the nemesis inmate of Carl who has his own awakening. Excellent work also by Sullivan, the director who gave us "how stella got her groove back". If you are interested in a good story, good acting, good directing and a true story... This is a movie for you.

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not bad, 19 April 2003

I enjoyed this movie. Lots of action, explosions, guns... Fun guy stuff. Acting by Bentley Mitchum (lead bad guy) and the red head seal(gary murphy) was the best. Movie has twists and fun. Don't take too seriously and you'll enjoy the evening if you like guy films.

Death Train (2003) (V)
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Fun, Silly, entertaining, 4 March 2003

I am having trouble reading the other user comments and not laughing. This movie was obviously not meant to be taken seriously. It is a straight to video movie, what do you expect? There is action, comedy and fun. Brian Genesse is okay as the good guy but a little boring. Bentley Mitchum is over the top... Thank GOD! He is what makes you keep watching the movie. With out his grand performance, the movie may have put everyone to sleep. Jaime Anstead once again turns in a solid performance as Marina, the only one with a level head on the entire Train. Plus, she is just as beautiful as ever (Back lot murders)!. This movie is not to be taken so seriously, it is a fun B-movie and that is how it should be viewed. Otherwise, go re-rent Die Hard. This movie in truth is fun, silly, and entertaining... Lighten up scrooges... It's only a movie. Have fun, laugh, and be mindlessly entertained for 90 minutes.

Low Budget Horror - just what I was in the mood for, 29 April 2002

I saw this movie over the weekend. I was in the mood for a Low-budget horror film and didn't expect anything more. The problems with the movie are primarily in the story and it's execution. There are strange cuts to people dying or spying on overweight girls in trailers that make no sense. Who are these people and why are they in the movie? Charles Fliescher and Pricilla Barnes both over-acted horribly. A shame because I used to like them. The pleasent surprise came from an actress I had not seen before. The lead female in the movie, Janey Colfax played by Jaime Anstead, was beautiful and very good. I would have liked to see more of her. Over all, the guys were pretty plain, most of the other female talent was lacking unless having a good body is talent these days, the horror mask of the killer was stupid and not scary, the story was un-original, the direction and production value were poor... But it was just what I was in the mood for - Thanks to pretty girls with big chests, lots of blood, a good performance (Anstead) and my expectations of a cheap B-Horror movie..