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interesting idea killed with... everything, 14 September 2017

Pfuuu... where to start.

OK, we go with bad things and the good things

Bad: Unlogical thinking like, screaming as loud as you can when you trying to hide or to be unseen. After you saw a creature as tall as a tree you still go to sleep with opened windows, having whole area including interior, exterior of the cabin under surveillance but not keeping an eye on monitors, not waking up anybody even there is a monster inside the cabin, having night-vision on camera but wont use it inside the cave etc etc etc. Things like these are bad in movies, but in this case these weren't the worst... acting. 80per of the movie you will not believe any of the actors (the only bright exception was the girlfriend of the main guy... don't know what was her name and honestly I can not care less. But few times she acted really like an actress... actual actress), but acting was still not the worst part of the movie... that one belongs to the voices. Terrible editing and mixing. It does not matter how far away from each other everyone was, doesn't matter what other sounds were in the same time there, You can still hear everyone the same volume.

Good: Nothing ... OK, its about aliens... that's it

Summary: Terrible. In bad things I wasn't talking about the story, because by itself it might have been good, but everything else killed it. Including terrible ending.

I am really big fan of horror, sci-fi, mystery etc movies... but this one I wouldn't recommend. Its not the worst movie I have seen in my life, but its probably not worthy of anybodies time

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Good horror with some incredibly stupid moments, 28 January 2017

OK, without any delays. This movie is definitely worth to watch and not only for horror fans.

No spoilers said, this movie could have been very easily in different genre. Delete few scenes and add few more flashbacks and you would get probably the Oscar nominated drama.

Movie is separated into two different stories, one from the past and the other happening now. The one from the present is the horror one and the one from the past is something (in my eyes) even more disturbing. Story of one (un)happy family and the life of little girl.

Despite not the big budget (I think) most of the movie you will not notice that, very good camera, good acting (except few moments), good scenes and environment, lots of tension which is growing every moment and etc etc...

In many cases production "stole" good ideas from classic horrors, things like dark, faint sounds, rain in forest, not seeing anything but knowing something is there and the best thing ... not showing the monster!

And here we are getting into the one of the two problems of the movie. First problem will appear when they will finally show the monster. Suddenly you would appreciate bigger budget. Its not the worst, I have seen much worse, but still I can imagine something ... And the second thing is the incredible stupid decisions someone (dont want to say who and what) will make.

But this is the problem of almost all horror movies, stupid decisions. For example, new Blair Witch (2016), late at night, in the woods, you looking for a witch and you need to pee ... what will you do? You will go alone to take a leak. Or another thing, bonfire is "dying" and you need a wood to keep it alive ... what will you do? You will go alone, without telling anyone and you will go so far away, when the trees will be falling down and you will be shouting for your life, no one can hear you!

But as I said the movie is "very" good, but few things (all of them almost at the end of the movie) will drag it down to average, without these it might have been much, much better

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Musical movie without song?, 13 May 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have to say, that I was looking forward for this movie for a very long time because I am fan of Nightwish for many years now. I love their music, personally I think that after Tarja's departure, nightwish has better music... vocals its hard to say.

Album Imaginaerum was (is) great, I think its pure nightwish, great power, symphonic, melodic, slow & fast staff all over entire album. So I was expecting great musical movie.

Honestly I don't know for whom this movie is made for, cause nightwish fans want to hear nightwish & rest of the people who don't listen to metal probably don't care (or don't even know that there is something like imaginaerum)

Story is confusing, until very end you will not know what is going on exactly, but I wasn't expecting another boring Oscar stuff, I expected average story with excellent music and songs. For my surprise there are only three songs (really!) and one of them is just a brief passage, another one is interrupted with talking and the last one is almost whole. Thats it? Musical movie, with three not complete songs? Why? Why did they decided to make movie with same songs as they already have on their album & then they simply never used them. I really don't understand that. Most of the time when music starts to play (ussualy in background) after some time it stars to look like finally they will sing, tempo is graduating, everything goes louder & louder & louder and then... skip. Nothing another scene... talking... again.

Don't take me wrong, its not a bad movie, even effects are quite good, but for me this movie is probably under average, to tell you the truth if I didn't know that its from nightwish I would have never watched it, and I wouldn't have missed much.

Shame & pity... disappointment

The Shrine (2010)
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Really good horror movie, 7 May 2012

No famous actors, no famous director, no famous places and yet this movie is better than many others.

I was kinda skeptical before watching, but I liked trailer so I gave it a try, and I am glad I did because I can say this movie is a big surprise... in a good way.

First of all, movie is not unnecessarily long, not even 90 min which is good comparing it to many other two hours long movies where you are bored after first 30 mins.

Story is fresh, and I think I can say original, it will take us to Poland (language fits here and makes good atmosphere, the only problem is for "english only" people, because they will need subs). There are some things you would not expect and it does not take long till the "horror" starts. And when it does, there is one good scene after another. Masks are pretty good, acting as well (especially Marcus and Henryk), not too much blood and gore but instead thrill and scary scenes.

The end of the movie (in particular the last scene) is brilliant, I was really scared. Amazing voices combined with perfect masks makes that one, one of the best scenes I have seen this year. And I have seen a lot.

Overall this movie was more than good for me, If you like horror movies like Stake Land, Mutant (french), Underground, or old great and famous Exorcism etc ... I think you will like this one too.

If your answer is YES, do not wait anymore, turn off the lights, put your headphones on and enjoy!

I did.

The Tunnel (2011/I)
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Paranormal Activity, Blair Witch & Rec ..., 23 May 2011

First thing first... Turn OFF the lights, put your headphones on and send everyone from the room away and ONLY then ... click PLAY!

I can tell your right now, that if you are fan of all mentioned movies, you will most probably like this one too. There is everything you would expect from "real" horror movie.

I was tensed when I was watching & I can say it is interesting and probably the most realistic of all similar movies. Not because of the quality of the movie, but because of this can REALLY be true. Don't take me wrong, I am not saying that I actually believe in this, but it is more likely to happen than all of the "predecessors"

I don't want to and I will not spoil you experience from the movie, so I will not tell you what is really going on or what will they discover down there, but I will say, that you will be scared. If I would imagine myself in situation like that ... oh my god!

The movie has great scene and it has stupid moments. As the title suggest, there will be dark. Every good movie shows just a glimpse, this one is not different. Maze underground, only feint of light, creepy sounds, strange movements, loud breathing and ...

You will see... but I can recommend this movie if you are a horror fan. I was expecting less from this one. Despite the fact, that there are some elements, like "randomly" places cameras on the ground, always shooting the important thing or running and screaming and still shooting the right direction and things like these, pretty decent movie.

There is only one thing from holding me give more points ...When I first saw Blair Witch I was thrilled and really scared! Most of all I BELIEVED in what I have seen that time, I BELIEVED that I was watching a "REAL FOOTAGE". After couple of months I have found out, that it was a fake and nothing of it happened. This time I don't believe... maybe it is based of true story maybe not, I don't know and I don't care. Couple of years ago it would be 9/10.

The most important thing for me in this case is ... Really good movie! To believe or not, it is purely up to YOU!

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Good movie, but ..., 19 May 2011

First thing you need to know about this movie is a fact that this will be about American people, very rich American people. It makes this movie more funny to almost whole rest of the world. If you are asking why? Read more. People born in America has absolutely no idea about few things. One of them is ... To Work & Has No Extra Money!

I know countries where people are more educated & harder working for 20-30per of the wages in US! And these people know what is means to weight money, to save money and to survive with almost nothing and in many cases be happy. This is big difference between us & US! Movie is talking about few very good earning managers (CEO and so) in a very big and successful company, some of the will loose job because of crisis and redundancy. Yes we all know this, we all know that this can happen to anyone these days (I happened to me as well, exactly the same reasons). Job is not secured in a world nowdays. Story goes further into the lives of these unfortunate people... how to pay for everything when I have no income, no money for mortgage, school, cars, loans etc (terrible thing, I wish no one lived it) Problem is (not for Americans) , these people has more than a 1 000 000 dollars for a year! ONE MILLION! For last couple of years ... and suddenly they have no money, no money to survive for couple of months, till they found something else! I understand that someone who has been earning 1 500 000 dollars a year has problem to find a job for the same money, but I don't understand HOW can he be WITH NO MONEY (plus he has pay check for next three months, 160 000 Dollars a week) and after few months they had to sell car, then house and FUNNY THING IS COMING ... they had to sell son's Xbox360! Because they could have afford it! This is funny for real people in rest of the world. I understand that if you earn millions a year (more years now), you will get used to those money, for the luxury and everything, to live like a star, but it is unjustifiable that they had no SAVINGS, at all! They weren't counting with something like may happen? If someone is capable of spending more than 150 000 dollars a week, every week, for years ... I am sorry I have to say it, he deserves it! Shame on him!

This is wasting of money, wasting of resources and unfair! These things will make this movie more comedy than drama (again, not for Americans). But, besides everything I have said, this is very good movie. You will find there everything about crisis. It is about frustration, why I can't find a job with my resume, why am I suddenly no one, when I was somebody. There is insecurity even in high places, no one is safe. You will see man's desperation, so deep, that some of them will find dead end with no way out. You will see like time can bring satisfaction in much worse work than months ago ... simply ... CRISIS! Plus one more thing, you will realise that the higher place the worse man you will became.

So this movie is very good, if you American you will probably love it (and hate it, because this happened to many people), if you are from "poorer" country you might find yourself angry about how this world is cruel and why! But I would love to be American and live American dream! God bless us all

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Independence Day is still the king, but ..., 19 May 2011

My expectations for this movie was really high, not because I would have seen the trailers (I haven't seen not even one), but I simply love movies like these! Catastrophic movies of all kind. Especially when there is plenty of money behind it, and that is what I've heard about this one. So all I knew was, someone will be attacking us! That is all I needed to know, invasion, effects, plenty of action ...

I can tell you right now, my number one sci-fi movie is Independence Day (and Avatar, but that is something different I think)! I still believe, that even after B:LA it is the king ... but! There are bugs in every movie, even in Braveheart or Aliens ... question is, how many time you must see the movie, to find them out? Battle LA is great from start till the end. Great acting, great camera, amazing visuals and sounds, good story (for this kind of movie) with not long delay in the start. And to tell you the truth I don't need story in movie like this at all! What for, to end like War Of The Worlds? End of that movie was like cartoon, every one lived (including, granny, daddy, mommy, even the DOG! Jesus Crist... that was annoying! No one, great movie, with terrible ending.

I can say, that after the movie I said, "wow" and "I wish there was some scene, where our planes where fighting with their planes!" You don't need it there, because there is much action and shooting and great effects (inluding promotion on RESISTANCE 3 for ps3 in one scene) that you will be thrilled! But things like these, have made Independence Day the best scifi movie for me! So, if you want action (almost war movie), with amazing effects, great high budget cameras and everything, you will probably like this movie, same as me! So every scifi action fun this is ... MUST SEE! It is 10/10, despite the fact there is couple of things I would make different!

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It could have been much better, 15 May 2011

When I saw a trailer for this movie my first thought was "Looks good, something like I am Legend". Which would be great, if you are a fan of sci-fi & mystery movies. It is no spoiler when I say, that whole movie is about vanishing. Idea is not bad at all. Personally I love movies with story like this one, everyone is gone and no one knows why and what is happening. So far so good... but ... there are few obstacles. First of all, actors. They are not bad (completely) but they are not excellent (movie like this needs excellent acting). Second, money ... You do not need them in tho movie, but director and everyone else does. I mean, quality of the picture and the scenes and effects are not bad, but it is little bit under standard. And this is the thing which takes this movie down below. Almost in every scene you will have the feeling, "This should have been better if..." ... they had money for the shooting. I can easily imagine Will Smith in it, with Rydley Scott on his chair and I can guarantee you, that this movie would be 9 of 10! Like this, when everything misses something it is simple movie, where within 45mins you will be bored after that you will be looking for "bug" there couple of them. Like fire and gasoline, you will know what I am talking about, when you'll see the movie. Closing comment : It could have been much better with different actors and someone much more experienced on the Big and High Chair. Pity

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I wish this was the first episode to the new series, 10 May 2011

Truth is, this movie is very similar to Twilight (romance a stuff), and also truth is, that movie is starting really slowly. First half of the movie is more like... talking with almost no action. But I can say for me, that it worked in much better way than in already mention Twilight (I was able to watch first part (ONLY) and I was so bored, especially with for me REALLY UGLY main character...) But I am number four is better, even if it is about "romance" (I mean the beginning of the movie) it is made better. Better characters (both genders), sometimes fun and plus from time to time, some great scenes with THE UGLY GUYS! (we are still talking about first half) But... there is HALF TWO! Second part of the movie is absolutely excellent. Because of two things. 1. Ugly guys are perfect (design, masks, the way they talk and kill) They are very similar to those in 30 days of night, so if you like them there, you will like them here. 2. Special effects are superb, great quality of the picture (maybe little better than usually) and plus to these, very good action scenes, with everything you would expect from action sci-fi movie. I was very satisfied with the movie at the end (and I am not a fun of Twilight, I didn't even see second and third part and I don't want to (just saw only every 15th minutes, when my gf was watching) The only problem this movie has... it is A MOVIE! It should have been a pilot for a new series and it would be great! With these effects and these monsters and bad guys, it would by 9.5/10 for the series! I really hope, someone will make it (because boring part is already behind us, and the real action have already begun.

Monsters (2010)
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do not expect D9, Skyline or Mist ... this one is big disappointment, 2 January 2011

I love monsters (all kind) movies! But there must be ... something in it! It must not be action, but there must be something what will keep you thrilled, tensed. I was looking forward for this movie, according to the trailer, there should have been all of it. I have to say, there is nothing, not even at the end of the movie. If you are expecting something like latest skyline (which was brilliant, I really can not wait for second part) or older district 9 or even older mist etc etc, you will be disappointed, this movie has nothing, and can not be compared to these excellent movies, Really sorry for that. The only thing which was good was story, but that is all.

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