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a list of 100 titles
This is a list of my 100 favorite films of all-time, not the 100 greatest films (I have other lists for that). There are a few films on this list that are not masterpieces, but have been favorites of mine since I was young. Its awesome to have a list with Citizen Kane, The Grapes of Wrath and The Seventh Seal alongside Red Dawn, TMNT and Ice Pirates.
a list of 500 titles
My selections of the 500 best films of all-time. I have worked on this list for years, and have updated it often. If I missed something, let me know (there are several hundred other films that easily could have made the list). I have seen thousands and thousands of movies, but I always find something new when I look at another cinephile or critic's list. I am always looking for something new to watch.
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