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Wilson (1944)
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A portrait of a man that is perfect, 10 October 2008

This film has many remarkable things: Above all, it's a great recreation of the ambient of the beginning 20th century, done with a strange realism for being a Hollywood movie (the politicians are crying constantly for make himself hear, as it really was before microphones). And the choral scenes (and there are many!!) are really well done. On the opposite, the film seems in 2D, probably because of the color advisers of the Technicolor System, that gives that ugly colors and that kind of lightening, all full of light. But the main thing that makes the film boring is the lack of psychological characterization on the characters, above all, on Wilson, that Alexander Knox play as if he was made of wax. And, of course, because you end with a big stomachache of "democracy" a word that you can hear no less that 90 times.