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One day in September, 1972, Munich - not Manhattan, 2001, 20 February 2002

This documentary was released in 1999. You have to wonder, how would it have been handled if it were made after 9-11-01?

No doubt the title would have been something else as the events of one day in September, 2001, have massively overshadowed those of one day in September, 1972.

I must say that as a young filmmaker just starting out, as I assume many of you may be as well, I truly hesitate to publicly critique the efforts of others. Many times I think we misunderstand the intentions of those we judge and rush to make our misinformed voices be heard. So I try to avoid dogmatism. TRY.

I bought ONE DAY by chance, just strolling through a video store. I never heard of the events (which I find sad) dropped $20 or so, took it home, and took it in.

For the majority, well done. Coherent, effective film rhetoric. Invigorating montage of athletes doing what they do best, set to uplifting score -"everything's peachy in Munich." - stark contrast of things to come. Airline hostage aftermath held interest as well.

I have to agree with what many are saying about the choices made when revealing the outcome, though - questionable tone of music here. Perhaps in the context of a drama based on a true story, this sequence might sit better. But as documentary...I dunno. I'm thinking DOG DAY AFTERNOON - very similar TRUE story, effectively dramatized. Except DOG DAY had no score. When it comes to documentaries, especially those dealing with sensitive crisis, loss of life, etc, if the filmmaker would take time out to imagine themself a relative to those affected, or perhaps a survivor themself, sitting in the audience, watching the film, how would they respond to the given cinematic depiction?