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30 January 2008
When i watched Panic In the Needle Park, i only thought of one thing.

This movie is merely a manifestation of the lives of drug addicts.

It seems as though heroin addicts' lives were closely 'studied' and just a portion of it was extracted and then filmed.

Therefore it was the most realistic movie i've seen, and a change in pace for me to see a 'drug story' from a more real and non glamorous perspective.

It can be disturbing at times and there is no real climax but to me that's particularly where the beauty in this movie lies.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.Excellent first performance.
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The Departed (2006)
25 September 2007
The Departed has some good actors and even better acting. In my opinion, that was the movies soul strength considering it was at least 20 minutes too long and some scenes could have definitely been edited.

Otherwise it's not your average blow everything up movie, but still very intense. And it doesn't go overboard with the dialogue. With the exception of some parts, it was evened out nicely. I won't give it away but the ending in particular stood out most for me because it wasn't happy or sad. It was just an ending. A very original movie by Scorsese. Intriguing and unpredictable. just when i thought Hollywood lost its 'mojo', along came 'The Departed'. 8/10.
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Forrest Gump (1994)
That's one special man...
24 September 2007
I think that the best movies are those that you 'appreciate' or understand after seeing it more than once. However, with 'forrest gump', i fell in love with it after the first 15 minutes and knew it would be in my top 10 straight away.

It is so unique because of the character Forrest Gump himself, who has a low IQ of only 75. Although he is 'mentally challenged', he finds himself in historic and troublesome situations and like that he manages to 'forrest gump' his way out of it and end up a hero or role model. but the real beauty in this movie to me was his ability to simplify the complexities of the world we live in and somehow do what some war movies fail to do. show the importance of world peace or what love movies can't deliver...the importance of love.

I love that Forrest doesn't lose his innocence and purity throughout the movie, or maybe he just can't but either way, this shows you don't need to be evil or really intelligent to be recognised or successful. Then again it is just a movie (and a very good one too). So maybe it doesn't work like that in reality. what that simply means is that the acting and story of this film was incredibly touching on a real level. And in my definition that's what a good movie should be able to do.

Every award the movie received was well deserved especially Tom Hanks. Now that's an actor for ya. I love this movie and don't hesitate to give it a 10.
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Vizontele (2001)
The funniest movie i've seen
24 September 2007
I suppose the humour in this movie would be a little difficult to 'appreciate' if you don't come from a Turkish or Mediterranean background. The movie is set in a town in Turkey that is so delayed in modern lifestyle and technology - in the 70's - that they call television 'visiontele' (vizontele). As most ethnic people can somehow relate to these peoples lives, it is a reminder of where they've come from and how they were brought up and therefore simply hilarious. As for those unfamiliar with a Turkish upbringing, the towns naiivity as a whole is worthwhile seeing.

I found this movie particularly funny because it has a lot of dry and implicit humour which i'm not sure if it would be the same by reading subtitles. Nonetheless it is definitely worth seeing and even after i've seen it 20 times it never fails to make me laugh. Turks came up with one good movie and i think they'll spend the rest of their lives trying to make a better one. vizontele is comedy at its best. 10/10.
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Titanic (1997)
what 7.1?
17 September 2007
OK, i don't know what everyone else was thinking while voting, but i'd sure like to voice my opinion...loudly.

1. i'm very disappointed with the limited recognition this beautiful movie has on IMDb. i would expect more from movie lovers.

2. it's very hard to find a movie that all ages can enjoy with comedy, tragedy, truth and love. which Titanic clearly delivers.

3. acting was outstanding, not to mention the unforgettable music and effects.

Titanic, in my opinion, is a milestone in leo's and kate's careers. Many of the scenes in the movie stay with you after you've watched it. Not just the tragedy or romance, but the vast gap presented amongst the 'rich' and 'poor', who are treated in proportion with their money. I absolutely love this movie.
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Runaway Jury (2003)
Hard to summarise with just one word.
25 August 2007
With an original story and some big actors Runaway Jury was one of those movies you like but not. It was interesting to see what goes on behind these court cases. whether they're true or not i wouldn't know, but it was engrossing and well acted.

Most of the movie takes place in a court room but still in that small set they manage to make many scenes unexpected. This non cliché movie does have some interesting twists in it and they pull some smart 'morgan Freeman' moves, keeping you engaged in the movie.

It might not be something you'll watch over again but it should definitely be something you watch once.
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Starts off slow but picks up later on.
25 August 2007
Glengarry Glen Ross is a movie with all dialogue and No action. So if you're expecting another die hard or scarface, you will be disappointed. But if you like to watch a movies with mostly dialogue and some humour along the way, this might tickle your fancy.

Since i don't work in the business field, or work at all, i was unsure of what the people in this business were trying to sell and why they were competing against each other. But i'm sure everyone else will. :) None the less, this all male cast movie was okay and i think the director did himself good by casting Al Pacino, because the first 20-30 mins of the movie wasn't so engaging and that's probably due to Al Pacino's absence, who comes into the movie around half an hour later.

The non draining length, big actors and some memorable quotes, make this movie worth seeing once. 7/10.
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Bring It On (2000)
Something you can watch over and over...
8 August 2007
Bring it on is a very fun, loud and vibrant teen movie. It doesn't just rotate around a fling between a boy and a girl. It is kind of predictable but it's a teen original can it be?

I think that movies like Bring it on can be more enjoyable if they're not treated too seriously. At the end of the day it's not meant to teach an important lesson. It's for entertainment - which it does not fail to do. The one thing in this movie that's original is the dance routines. They look so fun and hype you up. It's not slow, boring or over clichéd. It's actually a very good movie and enjoyable to watch over and over again.

It is a story about two cheerleading groups both challenging each other and many other groups to win the national cheerleading championship. When Torrance's squad comes across many unexpected incidents we see characters getting more ambitious and fierce making the movie more interesting to watch. It was good to see a teen movie with a slightly different plot.
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About a Boy (2002)
About a boy.
8 August 2007
Finally it's a movie about a boy and not a girl. Yes...the title of the movie is really straight forward. It was interesting to see the perspective of a man/boy throughout the movie. Especially one that is as dry but funny as Hugh Grant's character Will.

Since Will is commentating in the background of the movie most of the time, his thoughts and insight toward something is clearly stated. I'm not sure what it is but Hugh Grant has a very different humour that most people don't find funny but i seem to laugh at for hours even after the movie.

About a boy doesn't actually have a really interesting or suspenseful outline. I think it's a matter of liking the characters and appreciating their humour. If you like Hugh Grant, and want to see something kind of different, you won't be disappointed with About a Boy. 8.5/10
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Gotta love Tom Hanks.
8 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Honestly i only watched this movie because of Tom Hanks. He is among one of the greatest and my favourite actors.

The originality of the plot was impressing. It was particularly interesting to see how Tom hanks' son was very cold blooded when he saw his dead mother and brother. Also i liked the fact that this movie had a whole different dimension to it with the character that Jude Law plays. Very different and interesting.

However i do feel that the movie had a little more potential than it delivered considering that it had great actors and original story line. It's got a lot of dialogue and not so much action, but despite all of that, i enjoyed the movie and i think that it's definitely worth watching. It's perfect lengthwise and the twist at the end is unexpected and touching.
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