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Akale (2004)
A poem on life, 13 July 2007

Akale is the best chamber drama that has happened to Malayalam cinema and one of the finest films ever made in any Indian languages.

Emotionally wrenching, the adaptation has taken us deeper into the nuances of emotional conflicts, raw sources of human feelings, untamed angst for our beloved ones, and the eternal quest of souls to seek out their destinies. I have watched Shyamaprasad's adaptation more than twenty or twenty five times by now. I have stored it on my hard disk to dip into it once in a while. It leaves you in a wretchedly truthful state of mind, in which you'd have already associated yourself with a lot of memories belonging to Neil, the protagonist. You come out, in a way cleansed and deepened, each time, after watching this film.

I have come to believe that there are many kinds of artists. Of them two that pop up in modern discourses are 'clever' and 'organic'. Shyamaprasad is an immensely intelligent artist. But what he takes to his art more is not the cleverness but his organic feeling for the subject. Akale has proved that Shayamaprasad is a rare kind of artist who can blend the organic elements of his vision into a perfect synthesis, for brilliant cathartic results. He is a truly organic artist who absorbs characters into his soul to deliver them in perfect shapes, sounds, and colours.

Akale is one of the powerful experiences that has happened in my life.