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All I have to say is that this movie is awesome., 3 December 2002

Almost Famous is one of my most favorite movies and I do not understand how someone can not like it. There is so much to it that you can't get off saying the acting is bad. I think Frances McDormond does the best in this film, followed by Philip Seymour Hoffman and then the new comer, Patrick Fugit. Their characters contribute to the movie in their own little ways that make it great.

Who better to play an insane headcase of a mother than Frances McDormond? She does an excellent job and literally does "freak me out" as felt by more than one character in the film. But like William says, "She means well." She is a perfect adult figure in the movie because she is practically the only one.

Philip Seymour Hoffman is just great. Even if he did not have the most lines because of the flu, his character makes William feel a part of something. He gives him so much great advice and is funny on top of that. He is just great as the drugged up rock critic and I praise his work on this film.

This being his first major role in a movie, I give Patrick Fugit the most credit for doing so well. It is imperative that the fans of Almost Famous see Untitled, the director's original cut of the film, because it shows so much more about the characters and who they are. The viewer gets a deeper look into Penny Lane's situation and just adds minor details that clear a lot of things up.

The soundtrack is awesome as well. I absolutely love this type of music because it is true and pure rock and roll. I wish I had lived through the seventies just to experience The Who, Led Zeppelin, Styx, Bob Dylan, and everyone else who contributed to the making of the band Stillwater.

And finally, I believe that many people should look passed the small quirks of the movie. They are not just stuck in there for no reason; I am sure Crowe knew what he was doing. They are in the movie to give it a true feel of what it was like to be a "midlevel band struggling with success in the harsh face of stardom."

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just my opinion..., 27 August 2002

well i know it's not the most popular movie ever but it definitely is the funniest. it is a weird and unusual movie about two reporters that search to find out if frankenstein lives. the characters are the best, portrayed by actors such as michael richards, carol cane, geena davis, and jeffrey jones. if you have not seen this film, i recommend you do and if you have seen it but not in a while, i suggest you seen it again very soon. i give this movie a big fat ten!