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These are the best Christian films. They are either a story based on scripture, a story about a Christian character or figure, teach an important Christian moral lesson, or are a Christian allegory, or some combination of these. Films are ordered based equally on how strong the Christian theme is, and the overall quality of the film.
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I love schmaltzy Christmas movies, and innocent children's Christmas specials. I think anyone in the Christmas spirit can appreciate them, but there are some that are far superior to others. These are the ones that I absolutely love, that put me in the Christmas spirit. (NOTE: some great family classics are also missing, like Home Alone. This is largely because these films have been overplayed for me. I could probably quote them in my sleep, and I just couldn't bare to watch them one more time. The ones on this list are the ones I actually look forward to watching.) Enjoy!
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This list no doubt says a lot about me as a person, but let's be clear, Wes Anderson has never made a bad movie, just some that are better than others. Whether you are new to his films or have been with him since the beginning like me, here, in my opinion are his greatest films ranked best to worst.
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A list of films was recently listed on Flavorwire with this title. I felt that list was mediocre at best. I've decided to create my own list of the best period dramas of the last 30 years for your consideration. The criteria for the list indicated no war movies or westerns were to be included (I interpret this to mean that any film which has a war as the backdrop for the story was not a contender for the list, which would exclude films such as Atonement amongst others), and nothing set after 1950 would be included. (Although the author contradicted their own criteria by including The Last of the Mohicans on their own list, which IS a war movie.) Also, only one film that covers a particular book if a literary adaptation. I'll take this a step farther and also say that only films which are placed in one particular time period and are not fantasy or sci-fi, but only straight period films will be included. (This would exclude films which may have two or more historical periods as the focus of the story, such as a film like The Red Violin or The Joy Luck Club and fantasy stories like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button). Finally, if there was a question as to whether one film was better than another, I went with personal preference. Enjoy!
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We are entering a golden age of television where better production and acting are making for some really interesting serial dramas and supernatural shows have a nitch now. Soon there should be even more great vampire shows on the horizon. That being said, here are the best of the genre so far. I have to acknowledge that I am not really a fan of episodic television, preferring serial dramas that have continuing plotlines and story arcs, so some shows rate more highly than others because of this. I assure you that not a single show has made it onto this list without me watching it and reviewing it personally, and while I know this is not a completely exhaustive list, it IS a pretty thorough one.*

*Because the original Dark Shadows was over a 1200 episode long serial soap opera, I admit I have not seen it in its entirety, but have in this case included it based on the few episodes that I have seen. This is perhaps unfair to its ordering on this list, so keep that in mind and take its placement here as conditional because of this.

Updated: 3/12/2014
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Some upcoming TV shows of interest with a vampire theme.
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Here are some of the upcoming vampire films releasing in the next couple years that I am really looking forward to seeing! (Ordered by films with posters/publicity photos first, then by confirmed release dates or project completion status.)

If you know of any others that need added, leave me a comment!

(NOTE: If a film was on this list, but has since been released, you may find it on my 70 Best Vampire Movies list and if it is not there, then it scored too low to make the cut and has simply been removed from the list.)

Updated: 1/25/2014
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There are a lot of things sexy about vampires, and a lot of sexy men and women portraying them (now more than ever), but the sexiest vampires are more than just a pretty face. These characters (as portrayed by these fabulous actors and actresses) all have some charismatic combination of beauty, magnetism, and charm that make their performances in these roles stand out in our memories, so here it is, my pick of the 60 sexiest of these fantastic bad boys and girls to grace the big and small screens.

Note: I was going to make this list with characters, but IMDB is short on pictures so I decided to organize the list by the actors that portray them, even so, I am sorry to say there are still a few missing pictures.
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A few years back Snarkerati did a list of the Top 70 Vampire Movies Of All Time , as this list left many good films out and has not been updated in three years time, I have decided to do a similar but updated list and include my own reviews in with the scoring. This list is based on a combined score of my own personal preferences, IMDB scores, Rotten Tomatoes critics' scores, and Rotten Tomatoes audience scores. I have given each film my own score from 1 to 10 based on my personal likes and dislikes, then I averaged all the scores. This list reflects those averages. (NOTE: Anywhere a film is missing a score due to not enough reviews it is indicated with N.A. for "Not Available", this has caused some film averages to be higher or lower than what they might otherwise be, but this was the best method I could determine to include these films in the list).

The list does not include TV episodes, TV Mini-series, or TV shows. (See Best Vampire TV Series for my choices of the best of vampire TV). The list also does not include films with mere vampire segments, the film must have a vampire as a main character or an overarcing vampire theme as the main focus of the story to be included in the list (i.e. Black Sabbath, Waxwork, or Kwaidan are NOT on this list). No short films have been included on the list.

One final thing, it is guaranteed you will disagree with some inclusions or omissions. There are many films that I would have liked to see on here myself that just didn't make the numbers, and there are some that are on here that I would not have chosen based on my own opinion alone, but this is how things played out. If you want to argue with my own PERSONAL choices of my favorite vampire films or how I have personally scored a film, please do so at My Favorite Vampire Movies, as that is where my personal choices are listed.


Updated: 10/15/2013
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Some of these have more science than others, and some are better films than others, but all are worthwhile films.

(And before you argue that Eraserhead is not a sci-fi film, I challenge you to tell me how it is NOT.)
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Even though I am a woman, I am not a big fan of typical chick flicks - i.e Rom-Coms. What you will see here are mostly films that lay outside the typical "Chick Flick" category mixed in with some of the standard choices. In other words, these are films that are generally targeted to women or feature strong women or strong relationships, that I happen to like.
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These are my favorite story arcs of Doctor Who since the reboot in 2005.
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As an American, my access to the best of British Television is limited, but here are the shows that I have loved the most.
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Still a work in progress! But soon to be a listing of the best films of 2012.
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These are the best films I have seen with a release date of 2011 according to IMDB. There is a mix of both small independant films, critical favorites, and big blockbusters, but all of these films stood out for me as cutting edge, profound, or exemplary in one way or another (acting, sets, story, etc). These were the best of the best for the year.
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Unlike the best of list, this is a purely personal list of my favorite vampire movies. Feel free to share your thoughts!

Updated 8/16/12