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Kool action Film but has its own flaws ...., 10 March 2002

Tumko Na Bhool Paayenge is straight out of The Long Kiss Goodnight but here the director has replaced the main character with a man.

Veer (Salman Khan) is the only son of a Thakur and is the apple of his parent's eyes. Soon after his engagement to the village gal Muskan (Diya Mirza), he starts having strange visions of uniformed men chasing him and a ferocious dog attacking him. He and his family are perplexed. Is this case of reincarnation or hallucination, a long lost twin brother or amnesia.

Veer goes to Mumbai to learn more about these visions but as soon as he arrives, he meets people calling him Ali; a woman named Mehak (Sushmita Sen) claiming to be his ex gal friend, a young guy calling him bhai(guy from bad side of society) and policemen chasing him.

The first half of the film is a little too simple and long but the second half is fast-paced, slickly filmed and interesting. Action scenes are well choreographed and intelligently performed. The special effects in the flashback scenes are highlight of the film and those shots are executed with lots of style.

However placements of songs looked forced, editing needed there to make it look more impact full. Dialogues b/w Salman Khan and Diya Mirza are bad. there seems to be no consistency in the dialect as it fluctuates b/w Rajesthani and Punjabi.

Salman Khan leaves an impression in latter half of the film. while both ladies of the film i.e. Sushmita Sen and Diya Mirza look beautiful in their own ways. Recommended for action lovers.