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Overtime (III) (2011)
Action is spelled...OVERTIME the movie
26 July 2011
OVERTIME the movies action travels at the speed of light. This fast paced, thrill ride, IS the must see movie of the Summer. Al Snow, and John Wells, are the new "Butch and Sundance" of Action Films. Everything, from the great direction of Matt Niehoff, to the slick, and tight cinematography of Brian Cunningham, makes this film a smash hit. The icing on the cake in this movie, is accentuated by the driving soundtrack from Jason Paige, and the Villbillies. They say dynamite comes in small packages. Well THIS little Independent film, will hit you like freight train on steroids. So strap in, hold on, and get ready for the ride of your life. IT'S OVERTIME !
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