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31 March 2002
I am dying to know what Renee REALLY looks like under the wig and makeup that made her so convincing as CHER. Is there nobody out there who can help me? Surely a publicity shot exists somewhere, who ever heard of an actress who DIDN'T want publicity?
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believable and entertaining
14 March 2002
Having read other comments, I must say that although I agree in principle to many of them, I thought that BOTH Renee and Jay did a credible job and that although I agree that the lip-synching was (in places) off, it did not detract from the enjoyment. To my mind though, Renee was fantastic as Cher, and I lost myself in the story so much, I forgot she was just an actress, and I guess believed she was who she was portraying. What irritates me is that, since seeing the film, I have tried every avenue I can find to try to get info on her, but I cannot find a photo that tells me what she really looks like beneath the wigs and makeup that created Cher, or a biog. my e.mail adress is there if anyone would like to contact me with details of photo's/biogs that I may be able to download....Thanks to all, ESPECIALLY Renee for the enjoyment of watching her create Cher.
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Renee WAS Cher
15 February 2002
I regret that I did not manage to see this excellent film untill 2002 although I see it was made in 1999. The actress that played Cher must have spent a great deal of time and trouble to 'nail' the part as well as she did. From the first scene in the club, until the last, on the 'David Letterman show' I was spellbound. in fact I argued with a friend of mine, who insisted that IT WAS NOT Cher in those scenes with Letterman, I was totally convinced that it was! I just wish it were possible to find a photo so that I could see what Renee looks like in real life, or indeed a biog of her. To close, WELL DONE GIRL!!!!
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