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Let the beast remain inside the cage, 25 January 2010

I happened to saw this movie today regardless of the many warnings that I will be wasting my time if I do. And yes, I believe, I not only wasted my time, I forgot what the real story of Beauty and the Beast was. I wonder why nowadays anyone can come up with an empty plot and file up the movie name with a title of a legendary story. Someone should stop this, or we may be seeing Snow white with Pinochio dancing in Cinderella's ball.

Estella Warren was a good cast, but Director David Lister failed to bring up some nice actor with her. Though I saw one at the end, just thirty seconds ago the movie was ending.

AS far as gore is concerned, the effects and graphics looked exactly what a low budget movie should display.

In no way this movie can be classified as a family movie, or a movie for children, because of the so much blood and gore in it, which all looked artificial though.

This one deserved 3/10, because I need to rate at least something.