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They Missed the Chance, 23 January 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This review is almost all Spoilers, so don't read further if you haven't seen the show, And why haven't you? It's one of the key episodes in the series. The central problem with this otherwise very good episode is its credibility. The viewer knows Olivia will save the inmates from the evil guard, thus exposing the villain and that's a wrap. What's missing is even one iota of suspense, drama, tension or doubt. We know from the get-go that nothing will happen to Olivia while undercover, and nothing does happen, especially with Fin to watch over her. Under these conditions the infamous Basement Scene becomes a foregone conclusion long before it inevitably occurs. We know Olivia will not be raped, and that's the problem. If Dick Wolf were the trail blazer he thinks he is, he'd have told the writers to make it Real, bring Fin into the room just after the rape, get the bad guy, and in the process make not only a great episode, but also a television landmark.

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Half good, half great., 26 May 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Washington Mitch is dead wrong, and I couldn't disagree more with his summary and opinion of this latterly excellent episode. The first half of the show is your basic beautiful teen girl being abused by her sadistic boyfriend formula plot, which we've already seen maybe 60 times previously in this wonderful series. There are a few new wrinkles thrown in to keep the audience awake, until the far more interesting and often fascinating secondary storyline kicks in, at about the 35 minute mark.

Greatly aided by a terrific evil witch performance by Swoosie Kurtz as a corrupt Family Court Judge, the show sails along to a most satisfying conclusion, following a successful if paper thin ruse sprung upon the greedy, power hungry Judge Hilda, leaving her enough time for a right wing rant before being hauled off to the lockup, presumably for at least ten years. Plus the loss of her license to practice Law, and being removed from the Bench. 9 out of ten.

Back to that Rant for just a second, before signing off. Like so many other posters, I too deplore Dick Wolf's politics, and the way he manages to work his thoughts, ideals and preposterously over the top Liberalism into so many episodes, including this one. Just plain reprehensible, is what it is.

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Mother of the Year?, 8 November 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

For me, the best thing about this episode is: Finally, after all these years and countless violations of policy, laws and privacy, Olivia Benson meets her match at long last. As usual, Cragen waffles and wishy washys around, never firmly forbidding Olivia's constant meddling, neither suspending her nor giving her some long overdue and much needed discipline, by placing a record of Benson's way outta line antics in her jacket. Not even when the Squad receives a mass restraining order, issued on behalf of an outraged Ricki Austin.

About five years down the road, a frustrated and greatly irritated Haley says to an unbelievably pesty (even for her) Olivia: "What part of 'No' don't you understand?" Oh, she understands it all right; she hears it all the time, from rape victims, witnesses, totally innocent suspects, etc, but she just ignores it, as long as she gets what she wants.

Remember the one where Olivia follows a rape victim all the way up to the Operating Room door, before she's halted by a very stern and I mean business nurse: "You're done!" Only for the moment, unfortunately.

"Abuse" is actually quite a good episode, in spite of Olivia's supremely irritating behavior, and one of the most negligent, wrongheaded mothers in the entire series.

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Wrong!, 2 September 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

To the guy from Argentina - Jerry Lewis is between 5'7" and 5'8". Dean Martin was around 5'11" or 6'. I talked to Dean in Vegas in 1965, he came up to about my nose. I'm 6'3". Or, compare him to John Wayne in RIO BRAVO;; Wayne was 6'4". Then check out any Martin and Lewis movie, and you'll see the difference, plain as day. John Baragrey, the bad guy in PARDNERS (1956), was a 6'5" string bean; the various height differences are obvious.

As for "Uncle", it's a better than average show. Jerry's excellent, but as pointed out above, the script is flawed, particularly in regard to Andrew; and, as was true throughout her mercifully brief run as Olivia's fill-in, Connie Nielsen is Awful. 7 out of 10.

Loved the Subway scene; if only they could all be that easy.

"Dragnet" (1951)
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Best of Them All, 12 June 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The original 1951-58 DRAGNET is my all-time favorite TV series. The 1949-51 DRAGNET is my all-time favorite radio series. The DRAGNET movie, a huge box office hit in the late Summer of 1954, was and still is the best TV to movie adaptation ever done, and #6 on my Best List for that best of all Movie Years. On top of all that, I wrote Jack Webb what amounted to a fan letter, and he wrote me back - trademark black flow pen signature and all.

So, if you're looking for a pan, don't hold your breath. Jack Webb was a genius, pure and simple; DRAGNET in its early years was a work of art nearly every week, with all the classic pieces firmly in place. Others have mentioned favorite episodes; I agree on each, but would like to especially note "The Big Little Jesus", the famous Christmas episode first telecast in 1953. Ever the innovator, Jack filmed that show in Color, at a time when Color TV was in its infancy. By the next year (1954) we had an RCA 18 inch TV.

This made it possible to see Betty Hutton in Max Liebman's "Satins and Spurs", the Army- Navy game, and Frank and Joe's search for the stolen statue. Richard Breen's brilliant script was perfect, with lines that still bring an emotional response: "Particularly thieves, Sergeant." "Paco's family, they're very poor." "Are they, Father?"

Another episode I always liked, "The Big White Rat", showed the daily grind of police work as usual, but forced the cops to shoot the last of several toxic lab rats, one of which had become a kid's pet before the bubonic plague infected rats had been diagnosed. Joe and Frank end up in the crawlspace of Ann Doran's home, finally killing Sammy Ogg's pet rat. Doran, concerned over her son's grief, and unaware of the cops' mission, lays into Friday and Smith: "We pay taxes, which help pay your salary, right?.....Tell me, what have you done today to earn it??"

But all this isn't going to be very useful. Let me say then, DRAGNET is a true classic; one that has aged well, inspired any number of copycats, none close to as good; and has a direct descendant, LAW AND ORDER: SVU, still drawing decent ratings on NBC in its tenth season. Jack Webb was a pioneer and a genius. DRAGNET is his masterpiece, and his legacy.

Digressing a bit, Jack Webb created several other very good TV shows and at least two great and unique movies (aside from DRAGNET): PETE KELLY'S BLUES and THE D. I. Sadly, Mr. Webb died of lung cancer on December 20, 1982 at age 62, a victim of his longtime sponsor, Liggett & Myers.

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The Second Most Overrated Movie Of All Time, 26 May 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The 1946 audience quite correctly stayed away in droves, making IAWL a box office flop. Generations later, after its initial failure, after public domain, after the not even born when it came out pseudo critics have somehow brainwashed almost everyone under 40 into believing IAWL is a Christmas classic, we must face the fact that IAWL is not only not a great movie, it's not even a good movie.

Treacly, sappy, overlong, exasperatingly predictable fairy tale with just two good scenes and a main character devoid of interest, empathy or sympathy, IAWL is an exercise in futility at every turn. To begin, this is closer to James Stewart's worst performance than his best; George Bailey is a dreamer with his thoughts in the stars, rather than focused on the very big problem at hand. He's a naive, crybaby whiner with just the right mix of stupid to make him truly annoying to one and all. And he takes forever to realize Clarence is an Angel; I mean, how many miracles does it take?

This turkey comes to life only twice - the scene between young George and the druggist, played by the always great H.B. Warner, in which George (brilliantly portrayed throughout by the underrated child actor Bobby Anderson) stops the grieving Warner - who has learned of his son's death - from dispensing a fatal dose of the wrong medication to an elderly customer; and the ending, which, while just as sugar-sweet as the rest of the movie, is so well crafted, it works wonderfully well, giving the film a 2 on the scale of 10

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This one Happens to be Bad, 13 June 2008

I saw this when it was first released in 1967. I was 27 and neither a hippie nor a flower child, but I'd loved movies for 20 years, and saw 150 or so movies in theatres every year. THE HAP- PENING is on my Worst List for '67 (not #1, though; that'd be SHOOT LOUD LOUDER...I DON'T UNDERSTAND), and to this day I can't think of anything positive to say about it.

Okay, okay, the theme song was pretty good, and Faye Dunaway wore one of those bare midriff pantsuits so popular at the time. Other than that, Nada. Quinn, Maharis and Parks are among the worst actors in talking pictures, and Robert Walker Jr. would have been, if he'd had a career. No problem, his dad was bad enough for both of 'em.

The only question now is will the new Happening be as bad as the original? From what I hear and read, it'll be pretty close.

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they were funny, this is funny, 14 April 2002

A&C Meet the Kops is a funny movie, then and now. Bud and Lou were funny men, and their best film work was done at U-I in the postwar years, starting with their Meet Frankenstein classic. All their U-I Meet Somebody movies were funny, some were very funny. This one's a hoot all the way. I saw it with Power and Hayward in UNTAMED, Fox Redwood, April 15, 1955. Can't get better value for money than that. I was 16, am now 63. Maybe you have to be really old to get it, but youngsters, these guys are better than Adam Sandler, Jim Carrey, Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller all put together. No, really, they are.

A New Leaf (1971)
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Poison oak, in film form, 5 April 2002

Just a Terrible movie. Never funny, and often unpleasant. Elaine May

was never funny, unlesss she was working with Mike Nichols, and Ike was

still in the White House. The Mogen David bit gets old in a hurry,

wouldn't you say? I'm glad the studio recut it, but even so it's still

a stupefyingly overlong 102 mins. Let's hope they never find the

"Director's Cut" on this thing. At least Elaine stopped making movies

in the mainstream. Probably 'cause the studios figured out from the

books that none of 'em made any money. New Leaf is an Awful movie, by

the way. In case nobody's payin' attention. Really, not tops

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glamorous and fun, 30 March 2002

Tremendously entertaining and fun romantic comedy, set on the Riviera, filmed in warm sunshine with a top cast of real professionals. Saw it at the Royal in San Francisco, 3-31-63; co-feature was the Stewart Granger swashbuckler SWORDSMAN OF SIENA. Walked to the theatre from my apartment on a pleasant evening, for a comfortable evening at the movies, in a well appointed neighborhood house, for which I had a Pass. In the old days, one could expect a good time at the movies most times out, and always get value for money. In my case, it was a cinch

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