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This will take some days to complete it, but it's partly to get a curious count. Up until I was about 7 my parents took us 5 boys to the theater about 5 times a year, and I wonder if it was my freaking out at Raiders of the Lost Ark (at 7) that made that less of a regular venture. Theater movies from age 7-15 were pretty sparse at about 1-3 times per year, but I've enjoyed many in-theater movies that I think it's worth making the list. "X" is meant to indicate multiple theater visits.
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I've seen several movies of this genre since I last posted my list, so here's the updated version
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I'm a movie lover, not a movie expert or critic. There will be some who will be miffed that "The Godfather part II" isn't in the 1974 slot, but no gripes if they want to list it there for their own list. I don't claim to keep in universal taste, only my own. As I watch more movies in the coming years I have no doubt that changes will occur. As limited the access is to get as many titles as are available in earlier decades, some will be a matter of default until I get the right opportunity to expand. And yes, I have a John Wayne/Disney/Superhero bias.
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