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A Film Divided, 22 May 2011

Rutger Hauer is great as the Hobo with a shotgun, but there are two movies at battle here. One is a gritty exploitation film about a man pushed beyond his limit and a Troma movie complete with horribly over the top performances, topless girls engaged in tired acts of ultra-violence, and many freezer size bags of fake cocaine. Hobo With A Shotgun is just too Troma, which is not a great surprise given that just like Troma movies it is a copy of the real thing. It's a shame that Rutger Hauer was making one movie, which was pitch perfect, while the others involved seemed to be making another far less interesting one.

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The Norseman, 20 February 2007

I'm sure that these points were made in the other member post, but I didn't read it because the guy was so long winded. Lee Majors is The Norseman, who pronounces it as Noors-man, there is a black viking who wears the tongue of an enemy around his neck, a wizard who's face has never been seen, yet we see it throughout the film, and vikings being killed by getting an arrow to the ass. This movie is GREAT, if you are the type of person who feels that watching "bad" movies makes you stronger. I watched it with two friends and my younger brother, my two friends "hated" it, yet they were the ones showing it to me and this was not their first time watching it (on Video-Disc, no less!!). My brother and I loved it, it was a good time and made for a great double feature with Kurthisss The Drug Free Snake. (I also bought a copy of the original theatrical poster).

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Too Late now..., 24 December 2006

I realize that it is too late now but, I am surprised that the filmmakers didn't film tons of extra material. They should have filmed at least enough footage to comprise a second feature length film. Although I am not as big a "Bruno" fan, as I am "Borat", I at least hope that they follow that line of logic. It would obviously take a while to comprise all of the necessary material but, had they done so with "Borat", I'm sure that they would have been extremely relieved that they had done so, and they would have had the sequel that many people want "in the can".

- EDDIE WRETCH P.S. It is late at night and I am not proof reading this post, so please forgive me for all of the grammatical and spelling errors contained with-in.

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No, it's not., 15 April 2006

I remember a time when you could trust the Zucker name, that time is no more. This movie was bad, I mean "Repossessed" bad. There isn't much more to say about it but, I have to include a minimum of 10 lines of text in order to get this message posted. I suppose warning the reader about how awful this movie is would be like telling you that if you eat a turd it will taste bad, if you choose to try it out, you only have yourself to blame. Ten lines of text? In a normal situation that would make perfect sense but, come on! It's "Scary Movie 4", this must be what it feels like to have been a victim of rape and then being forced to recount it to all of the investigators. I do not want to relive this memory! It's so bad, that it makes an able-minded audience member angry when others laugh (the kind of people who would recommend "Blues Brothers 2000" as a great sequel with "all of the music and magic of the original", to their FRIENDS!). "Scary Movie 4" made me wish that I was deaf and blind, I already know I'm dumb...I paid to watch it.

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Life changing, 23 December 2004

"Bruce Lee" goes to hell, he doesn't look like Bruce Lee because people look different after they die (or so they claim in this film). Along his journey Bruce Lee has a major erection, befriends Popeye, and fights "Clint Eastwood", James Bond, Zatoichi,Emmanuel, a mummy, and others. I'm not making this up. Just when you think the movie can't get any better we reach the life affirming Wizard Of OZ meets The Red Balloon climax.

This is not just another attempt to cash in on the name of Bruce Lee, this is THE attempt to cash in on the name of Bruce Lee. Much more far-out than it sounds in my description and VASTLY superior to the majority of The Game Of Death.

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I love this movie, I just can't help it., 15 December 2003

I believe that if you are a fan of films such as the A.I.P. classic "How To Make A Monster", Hammer Films' various Frankenstein pictures, and the gore films of the immortal Herschell Gordon Lewis then "The Body Shop" (A.K.A. "Dr. Gore") should be right up your alley.

This is not a movie that will not be enjoyed by film snobs, and deserves the respect of those of us who truly enjoy underground gems beyond thinking that they're "so bad, they're good". But rather, their beauty and enjoyment lie in the fact that they are less than perfect. You can feel the passion he had for for films and film making in J.G. "Pat" Patterson's single directorial effort "The Body Shop". Many people will groan and I'm sure laugh a few times while watching this film, but those of you who truly sit down to watch it, not to "try and watch it" (if you're entering with that attitude it's best to avoid these type of films altogether and stick to the latest big budget Hollywood star vehicles) and laugh ALONG with it will have quite a memorable and fun ride ahead of you.

SIDE NOTE: If you have ever wondered what Funny-man Louie Anderson would look like with a beard just check out the character of "Bill Hicks" of the films band "Bill Hicks and the Rainbow" who preforms "A Heart Dies Every Minute".

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WHY?, 6 December 2003

Ted V. Mikels used to make films. I'll go as far as to say great films, for what they were. Somewhere along the line he forgot how to and he decided to make this home video which he mistakenly believes to be a "movie". Please avoid this at all costs, and speaking of costs...if you can't afford to shoot on film Mr. Mikels, don't bother at all. - EDDIE WRETCH

The truth from fan to fan., 15 August 2003

We all know that almost every "respectable" critic will rip this movie apart, no pun intended, simply due to the fact that it is part of the "Friday the 13th" series. So, we can only trust the opinions of other fans and here's mine. "Freddy VS Jason" is great! This film clearly has a higher budget than most of the sequels in both series and is much more stylized than most entries. The premise is frightning and both killers are at their best. The desings of both Freddy and Jason are in top shape. Freddy's make-up is at its best since the first two "Nightmare On Elm Street" films and Jason looks better than he ever has in his hockey mask years. Another nice point is that Freddy does not over quip as he did in 4 through 6. Check it out.