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Underrated and awesome, 29 November 2008

Pokemon Heroes is fun. It's action packed, full of suspense, and everything a Pokemon fan like myself could want. Some may tell you different, Pokemon is known for being hated on for things every movie has. It may be short, but it will leave you entertained. My fourth favorite out of all of them, watch it yourself without a negative output, as most people who watch this movie do. Another example of why Pokemon is not for little kids, this movie will be entertaining to any fan of the show and people who don't watch the show might like it as well. Probably the most underrated out of all the films, give it a chance and you will find some soft-spot for it. Fans love it, others give it a try and you might like it for yourself.

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Show is good. Movie disappointing., 9 July 2007

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I remember always sitting on the couch and watching Spongebob with my father, it was sort of our show. So naturally, when the movie came out, we both went to see it. And...unfortunately...I was not very fond of it. A pure example of putting less effort into a film because they know it will be a box office hit, and it was. Little kids will laugh and sing along, but later will realize how bad of a film this is. With musical numbers, nudity jokes, and all the kiddie material any kid could want...this should have been given the rating of "G". Seeing as other Nickelodeon film adaptions aren't really that bad, it shows how little effort the studio put into this one.

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