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A good storyline, but lacking that emotional feel the first two gave, 8 June 2009

Shrek has been and will most likely always be one of my favorite movies. Being that way, I wanted to see this one more than anyone else I knew. And unfortunately, I was left disappointed at the film. Being the only Dreamworks production that could ever top a Pixar film, Shrek had my standards a little too high for this third installment. The cast was good, containing former SNL players for voice acting, but did absolutely nothing for that soft spot that the previous two movies poked at. Basically, Shrek the Third is just another movie...nothing notable and maybe two things particularly funny and surely will create some kind of money loss for the fourth. Perhaps useful if you wish to kill ninety minutes, but otherwise do not bother.

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Not my favorite movie, but definitely a great one, 6 June 2009

It's about time! The longest running animated show finally became a film. And if you were like me and anticipated it extremely, you'll feel let down. But just a little, for in my opinion it is more than just a long Simpsons episode. It has many memorable, funny aspects that only a movie could have. The main reason why I saw this is because I was curious at how they would turn this series into a movie, and I do not think that it could have been done better. Being as big of a Simpsons fan as I am, this is the movie that was worth waiting for. Without even having too much swearing, this is a film you will respect for being as good as it was without having too much innuendo. Joke-after-joke, they managed to make it a great movie along with being a feast of laughter.

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Cheesy, corny, a film a KID will like, 6 June 2009

Super Mario Bros. was one of the first games I'd ever played, and when I heard there was a movie I nearly went crazy. I looked every time I stumbled upon a BlockBuster store, and there it was. The Mario movie, waiting there for me. Two hours later, I was amazed. Luckily I was just a child, for now I look back and realize what a bad movie it really was. No Bowser , no princess Toadstool, no guy with a mushroom on his head, and no budget. It surprised me that it had such a low gross, but now I am not. Mario Mario and Luigi Mario, two plumbers sent to another dimension to stop a guy named "King Koopa" who ended up being nothing like the games. Quite off from them, a Mario fan will love it and the rest of us will hate.

Fans of the books will be upset at the 300 pages cut out, while making a good stand-alone film for others, 6 June 2009

I've been reading Harry Potter books for a long time, and this was one I was looking forward to seeing. I expected things to be cut, seeing as the longest book would have to have parts omitted to make a decent-sized movie. Though knowing how people are, they would pay to see a three hour film...such as "Lord of the Rings" takes all day it seems. So why not add things? More like keep things in. Personally my favorite out of all of them is the fourth one, but I was still some-what impressed with the quality and how it still remained a fairly good film despite half of the book being cut out. If you've read the book, be prepared to be at least somewhat disappointed with the cuts. But otherwise, you will be entertained and who ever comes with you will like it too.

Shark Tale (2004)
Kids will love it, parents will be annoyed at its attempt for cuteness, 6 June 2009

With Finding Nemo released a year before this, it was only a matter of time before Dreamworks came with another Oscar-nominated CGI project. Pulling in big stars such as Will Smith, Renée Zellweger, Jack Black and tons others, this proves Dreamworks desperation to make a film that can top Pixar...which in my opinion Shrek is the only one with a chance. Filled with clever puns such as "Shell Phones" and "Kelpy Creams", but really tries too hard. You're children will probably enjoy Shark Tale better, but later will see how much Finding Nemo makes a better film. Good for keeping your kids quiet for 90 minutes or so...but be sure to order refreshments so at least you'll have something that you're getting by seeing this giant attempt for hipness and laughs.

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Funny, full of swearing, and the team of Will Ferrel and Reilly just add to it, 6 June 2009

At first I didn't have much of an interest in seeing this movie, seeing as it would be just another silly Will Ferrell film. But coming out of the theater, I was still laughing at some of the jokes. If you're a fan of him, you will enjoy this. If you are not, then you will be in for some laughs. Nothing worthy of an Oscar (though comedy isn't usually in that) and most likely won't become your favorite, but is still an enjoyable film to see. Be sure to bring your sense of humor, because without it it is just two grown men fighting like toddlers. If you are into more sophisticated jokes...then this is not for you. But if what you're in the mood for is laugh after laugh, then I recommend it.

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First time you'll laugh, second time you'll chuckle, third time you'll expect everything, 6 June 2009

Some time ago, I came across this movie and it instantly became one of my favorite ones and just about the funniest movie I'd seen. If you're looking for slapstick, unpredictable, joke-after-joke film...then this is for you. It's just about as hilarious as it can get the first time, but then after a while you'll just grow sick of it. Truly it was good when I first saw it, but after re-watching it many times I got bored with it (just like most other films do sometimes). The humor is mainly funny if you don't see it coming, but other than that it is just another DVD on your shelf. All in all it is a silly, unpredictable movie that you will surely give you laughs if you haven't seen it before.

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Not worthy of a 2 star IMDb score, but containing nothing that can impress, 6 June 2009

I am personally a big fan of the "movie" films (like Epic Movie and other ones), but this still left me disappointed. I recognize that the movies are bad, but always have a tendency to make me laugh. This one, however, was not. It wasn't bad in my opinion, seeing as the Wayanes Brothers put a little more effort into it rather than mindless spoofs after spoof. Perhaps funnier if you see the movies it parodies, though I have seem a couple. But to put it in a nutshell...if Star Trek and every other good movie currently out suddenly were full, this would be your movie to see. It's fast-paced, got a few chuckles, and will be over before you can get bored of it.

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Computer animation needs to be left to Pixar in my opinion, 10 April 2009

Ever since Pixar started, Dreamworks has been spewing animated films at us to keep our attention. While some, such as Shrek and Madagascar, are able to satisfy us...others like Shark Tale and this movie just prove how hard Dreamworks tries to match Disney/Pix in animation. Illogical, boring, and lacking that emotional spot that other animated movies have, this movie will have laughs for the kids and sighs for adults. As for the studio, quit while you're behind. And parents, brace yourself for the most overrated film of the year. Just be prepared, like I was, to want your ninety minutes back.

2/5 stars and a thumbs down

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It proves why Pokemon should not be rated "G", 8 March 2009

This is it, the one we've all been waiting for. Everyone shook with anticipation to see the first Pokemon movie, and here is what I thought: Really good. I really liked it. And definitely worthy of a PG rating. I grew up with Pokemon, so it was natural for me to love the movie (though I can point out when one is bad). One thing that may mislead you is the fact that it was giving a G rating. Unlike the show (most of the time), this movie deals with the topic of death in many ways. Confirmed that scientists in the one of the early scenes were killed, this proves that Pokemon is not for little kids. It's got morals, action, and everything you could want. Seeing as Pokemon has a number of haters, I recommend watching the movie yourself and make that descision. I, being as big of a Pokemon fan as I am, would show this movie to anyone ready for a good anime.

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