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A huge fan of the book gives his opinion, 11 July 2009

I read this book years ago for a school assignment, and it become my favorite. The plot is simple, an underground city where people were sent to be saved from the end of the world and two children find the directions out. Doesn't that sound like a good plot for a NOVEL? Which brings me to my opinion of the anticipated (for me) film adaptation of my favorite book of the year. Being as it is a movie based on the book, there will always be somethings changed. But this one stayed pretty close . . . as I could point out the three or four alterations while viewing the film. I had hoped for this to become a movie for a long time, and I say to you do not listen to the low box office. It is a good film, thought predictable and screams out "There's a novel better than this!" throughout the whole film. For a fan of the novel, it's good.

A 21st century classic, 17 June 2009

Out of all of the movies I've seen and reviewed, this is one of the most hilarious ones I have. It's full of just the random humor I have grown up with, and will be funny for anyone who laughs at just about anything. It's low-budget, mellow, and filled with sudden cracks that will make your cheeks hurt. Like many other comedy films, it doesn't make much sense but this one doesn't really need to. I recommend this to ones that have been told to have a "special" sense of humor, others will likely not enjoy this film nearly as much as me. Don't watch it you are serious, enjoying movies more action or dramas. For Napoleon Dynamite is the most silly, random movie I've ever seen.

Surf's Up (2007)
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For one of the dozens of penguin movies we have gotten, this one wasn't half bad, 17 June 2009

Ever since the documentary "March of the Penguins", studios have sent to us tons of cutesy penguin films to make our eyes bat at the adorable birds. But I do have to admit, this one was okay. Having popular names such as Shia Labouef and John Heder to it, it wasn't something that I could truly hate. CGI was fair, as no company will ever amount to Pixar's work. But throughout all the kiddy and cuteness of this child film, there was an enjoyable movie that took the voice talent and slight dark humor to get out. You won't love it most likely, but parents will at least be entertained while your kid adores this as they will nearly any movie.

Santa Clause 3: The Downhill Spiral, 16 June 2009

When I was a child, I was lucky enough to have my father show me the hilarious family movie "Santa Clause". So naturally, when the new one came out I just had to see it. Seeing as the second one wasn't THAT bad, I figured this one would be okay. Well, I was wrong. Santa Clause 3 not only turns the series into a little-kid Christmas tale movie, but shows how unafraid Tim Allen is of ruining his reputation for money. Not very cute, not very funny, and not very fun for anyone but your three year-old. I only pray that Martin Short and the rest of the brilliant actors can get their careers back in order after this film. I recommend this film for no one and hope that your kid doesn't beg you to rent it.

Madagascar (2005)
I like to milk it, milk it, 16 June 2009

Madagascar, another attempt to top Pixar in any way that is possible. And out of all the mediocre animated comedies Dreamworks has handed us...this is the one with the most potential. Aside from the first two "Shrek" movies (which actually succeeded in this), Madagascar is the one that didn't quite make it but had the most potential too. Good storyline, lovable characters, good animation, but containing the flaws that other animated films by the company has. Unlike the trailers tell you (explaning the wonder half a million dollar box office world-wide), this film takes a turn for not the better when the last fifty minutes milks the "Move it, Move it" tune and carries out the rest of the film using that. But all in all, it is cute movie and worthy of a spot on your shelf.

Sick, tastleess, raunchy, and likable, 16 June 2009

If it weren't for the hilarious team of Heder and Will Ferrell, this movie would not have much of a point. But thankfully, we have them...and we are entertained and joyed at their attempt at comedy. I recall seeing this back in 07 with my mother, and her angered at a tasteless reference...while I simply watched laughing at the silly ice skate movie. If you are not a fan of movies that attempt so much laughs that they are stupid, do not watch it. But if you want something that has nothing but constant laughs and doesn't hold back at all to stay family oriented...then you will enjoy this for sure. But something that deserves notice: Do not watch this with a date, parents, siblings, family members, or anyone else that you have a reputation with. And parents, this is not something that will refrain from giving your children many questions. All in all, a funny, raunchy, friend-oriented movie.

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As personally not a fan of "Star Wars", I liked it, 13 June 2009

My dad has always been undoubtedly a bigger Star Wars fan than I was, and when he wanted me to come see this movie with him I showed up for the popcorn. Star Wars has never exactly been my taste, as none of the other movies really caught my interest. But luckily I was convinced to come to this one, and I was pleasantly surprised by its outcome. With expectations of simply sitting through it, I was entertained by its great storyline and amazing movie effects. It's action-packed, with a little bit of comedy, and an awesome final installment to make any Star Wars fan happy. I recommend this to anyone with a taste for action and adventure, and maybe not even that big of a fan of the series to be honest.

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Overrated, but still a good film, 10 June 2009

The Dark Knight has won numerous awards since it's release almost a year ago, but in my opinion doesn't exactly deserve the top 250 list. A little too long, lacking an opening, and containing the infamous Batman voice Bale used, this film gets a lot of flaws ignored that some other films would get trashed for. Still, though not the most fantastic film of the summer, it is an enjoyable movie for all and anyone will at least like it. Throughout these mistakes, we are given the fantastic acting of the late Heath Ledger to make up for it, which undoubtedly is one of the best villains we've ever seen. Though overrated, this amazing performance and good story making is sure to entertain. Your Batman fanatic will love it, and you will enjoy it.

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A good way to wrap it up, but otherwise the least of the three, 8 June 2009

If BTTF 3 were not the end, then what would become of this film? Notably lacking the wit of the first one, which had such memorable jokes as the "Tab" conversation. If anything, this is more like a past version of the second one...using aspects the previous film had. The first time you see it will be out of curiosity, the second for your friend to see it, and then I doubt that it will leave your shelf. Lucky for you the DVD comes in a trilogy, so you don't have to buy it just by itself to see this finale of one of the most well-loved time travel films around. All in all, a good way to end it...but a so-so stand alone movie.

A step down from the original trilogy, but enough to keep a Pokemon fan happy, 8 June 2009

The fourth installment in the Pokemon film series is quite a different one. With more of a time travel feel to it, this movie will entertain most fans of the show at it's use of this phenomenon. Attempting to show to use more of a moral about friendship this film does...and that is quite a little overdone. It should be noted that time paradoxes were very much avoided, and they ought to be commended for that. Still, it contained a little too much childishness for comfort, being not an example that Pokemon isn't just for kids. If you,like my father, are watching it for the sake of your child's happiness...don't worry. You'll be entertained somewhat and will not sit through as long of a film as the other three. Still not nearly the best they can do, your family Pokemon fan will like it.

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