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A good way to wrap it up, but otherwise the least of the three, 8 June 2009

If BTTF 3 were not the end, then what would become of this film? Notably lacking the wit of the first one, which had such memorable jokes as the "Tab" conversation. If anything, this is more like a past version of the second one...using aspects the previous film had. The first time you see it will be out of curiosity, the second for your friend to see it, and then I doubt that it will leave your shelf. Lucky for you the DVD comes in a trilogy, so you don't have to buy it just by itself to see this finale of one of the most well-loved time travel films around. All in all, a good way to end it...but a so-so stand alone movie.

Sick, tastleess, raunchy, and likable, 16 June 2009

If it weren't for the hilarious team of Heder and Will Ferrell, this movie would not have much of a point. But thankfully, we have them...and we are entertained and joyed at their attempt at comedy. I recall seeing this back in 07 with my mother, and her angered at a tasteless reference...while I simply watched laughing at the silly ice skate movie. If you are not a fan of movies that attempt so much laughs that they are stupid, do not watch it. But if you want something that has nothing but constant laughs and doesn't hold back at all to stay family oriented...then you will enjoy this for sure. But something that deserves notice: Do not watch this with a date, parents, siblings, family members, or anyone else that you have a reputation with. And parents, this is not something that will refrain from giving your children many questions. All in all, a funny, raunchy, friend-oriented movie.

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A huge fan of the book gives his opinion, 11 July 2009

I read this book years ago for a school assignment, and it become my favorite. The plot is simple, an underground city where people were sent to be saved from the end of the world and two children find the directions out. Doesn't that sound like a good plot for a NOVEL? Which brings me to my opinion of the anticipated (for me) film adaptation of my favorite book of the year. Being as it is a movie based on the book, there will always be somethings changed. But this one stayed pretty close . . . as I could point out the three or four alterations while viewing the film. I had hoped for this to become a movie for a long time, and I say to you do not listen to the low box office. It is a good film, thought predictable and screams out "There's a novel better than this!" throughout the whole film. For a fan of the novel, it's good.

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Not worthy of a 2 star IMDb score, but containing nothing that can impress, 6 June 2009

I am personally a big fan of the "movie" films (like Epic Movie and other ones), but this still left me disappointed. I recognize that the movies are bad, but always have a tendency to make me laugh. This one, however, was not. It wasn't bad in my opinion, seeing as the Wayanes Brothers put a little more effort into it rather than mindless spoofs after spoof. Perhaps funnier if you see the movies it parodies, though I have seem a couple. But to put it in a nutshell...if Star Trek and every other good movie currently out suddenly were full, this would be your movie to see. It's fast-paced, got a few chuckles, and will be over before you can get bored of it.

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First time you'll laugh, second time you'll chuckle, third time you'll expect everything, 6 June 2009

Some time ago, I came across this movie and it instantly became one of my favorite ones and just about the funniest movie I'd seen. If you're looking for slapstick, unpredictable, joke-after-joke film...then this is for you. It's just about as hilarious as it can get the first time, but then after a while you'll just grow sick of it. Truly it was good when I first saw it, but after re-watching it many times I got bored with it (just like most other films do sometimes). The humor is mainly funny if you don't see it coming, but other than that it is just another DVD on your shelf. All in all it is a silly, unpredictable movie that you will surely give you laughs if you haven't seen it before.

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Underrated and awesome, 29 November 2008

Pokemon Heroes is fun. It's action packed, full of suspense, and everything a Pokemon fan like myself could want. Some may tell you different, Pokemon is known for being hated on for things every movie has. It may be short, but it will leave you entertained. My fourth favorite out of all of them, watch it yourself without a negative output, as most people who watch this movie do. Another example of why Pokemon is not for little kids, this movie will be entertaining to any fan of the show and people who don't watch the show might like it as well. Probably the most underrated out of all the films, give it a chance and you will find some soft-spot for it. Fans love it, others give it a try and you might like it for yourself.

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It proves why Pokemon should not be rated "G", 8 March 2009

This is it, the one we've all been waiting for. Everyone shook with anticipation to see the first Pokemon movie, and here is what I thought: Really good. I really liked it. And definitely worthy of a PG rating. I grew up with Pokemon, so it was natural for me to love the movie (though I can point out when one is bad). One thing that may mislead you is the fact that it was giving a G rating. Unlike the show (most of the time), this movie deals with the topic of death in many ways. Confirmed that scientists in the one of the early scenes were killed, this proves that Pokemon is not for little kids. It's got morals, action, and everything you could want. Seeing as Pokemon has a number of haters, I recommend watching the movie yourself and make that descision. I, being as big of a Pokemon fan as I am, would show this movie to anyone ready for a good anime.

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Fans of the books will be upset at the 300 pages cut out, while making a good stand-alone film for others, 6 June 2009

I've been reading Harry Potter books for a long time, and this was one I was looking forward to seeing. I expected things to be cut, seeing as the longest book would have to have parts omitted to make a decent-sized movie. Though knowing how people are, they would pay to see a three hour film...such as "Lord of the Rings" takes all day it seems. So why not add things? More like keep things in. Personally my favorite out of all of them is the fourth one, but I was still some-what impressed with the quality and how it still remained a fairly good film despite half of the book being cut out. If you've read the book, be prepared to be at least somewhat disappointed with the cuts. But otherwise, you will be entertained and who ever comes with you will like it too.

Madagascar (2005)
I like to milk it, milk it, 16 June 2009

Madagascar, another attempt to top Pixar in any way that is possible. And out of all the mediocre animated comedies Dreamworks has handed us...this is the one with the most potential. Aside from the first two "Shrek" movies (which actually succeeded in this), Madagascar is the one that didn't quite make it but had the most potential too. Good storyline, lovable characters, good animation, but containing the flaws that other animated films by the company has. Unlike the trailers tell you (explaning the wonder half a million dollar box office world-wide), this film takes a turn for not the better when the last fifty minutes milks the "Move it, Move it" tune and carries out the rest of the film using that. But all in all, it is cute movie and worthy of a spot on your shelf.

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Computer animation needs to be left to Pixar in my opinion, 10 April 2009

Ever since Pixar started, Dreamworks has been spewing animated films at us to keep our attention. While some, such as Shrek and Madagascar, are able to satisfy us...others like Shark Tale and this movie just prove how hard Dreamworks tries to match Disney/Pix in animation. Illogical, boring, and lacking that emotional spot that other animated movies have, this movie will have laughs for the kids and sighs for adults. As for the studio, quit while you're behind. And parents, brace yourself for the most overrated film of the year. Just be prepared, like I was, to want your ninety minutes back.

2/5 stars and a thumbs down

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