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77 Sunset Strip, 12 September 2007

Warner Brothers had a hit with this show. Efrem Zimblist Jr. was wonderful as Stu Bailey. Roger Smith played his partner Jeff. Edd Byrnes played Kookie. And for one season 1960-1961 a character was moved from one show to another. It was the first time this had ever happened. Rex Randolph played by Richard Long came on board and helped take some of the burden off of Stu. Although he didn't stay but one season and only appeared in eleven episodes including a two parter, Long was wonderful as Rex. He and Jeff seemed to always get into one mess after another when they worked together on a case. But they usually solved them. I look forward to this show being issued out on DVD someday. It is truly a classic.

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Bourbon Street Beat, 12 September 2007

Bourbon Street Beat only lasted for one season but it had thirty-nine episodes to its credit. The location for the show was Bourbon Street in Louisana. It starred Richard Long as private investigator Rex Randolph. Rex was the senior partner in a firm. His first partner was murdered prompting him to look for another one. Andrew Duggan was Isaac "Cal" Calhoun, a former police officer who wanted to change careers and after meeting Rex and knowing that his partner was now dead came to offer his services. The two made a wonderful team. Rex was the cook and Cal loved old movies. Rounding out the cast was Arlene Howell as their secretary Melody. She left about half way through the show and the final member Kenny played by Van Williams spent time trying to find the perfect secretary to replace Melody. The show had some really good guest stars and most of the writing was execellent. I hope that the show is issued out on DVD. It would be a good collection to own.

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The Big Valley, 12 September 2007

This was a wonderful show that had an all star cast. The writing and directing were also well done and that made the show a western classic. Barbara Stanwyck was perfect as the head of the Barkley family. She was petite but she could be mean when she had to be. Richard Long was her oldest son Jarrod. He was an attorney as well as being more citified. You could see that he didn't care that much for the day to day workings of the ranch. Peter Breck was her younger son Nick. He could brawl with the best of them. He and Jarrod could argue and never stop but if something happened to one of them the other one knew it. Lee Majors was Tom's son. He made the show interesting in exploring unfaithfulness in a television show. Linda Evans was her daughter Audra. She didn't seem to have very good luck with men. Charles Briles was the baby Eugene. He only appeared in a very few episodes and was eventually dropped. I wish he had been kept. He could have been a vital part of the family. The show was a super western and I hope that the remaining seasons of it are released on DVD.

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Nanny and the Professor, 12 September 2007

I have enjoyed Nanny and the Professor since I was about eleven years old. It's a wonderful show with a touch of magic. Richard Long who played the professor was wonderful as the father of three children who tested the housekeepers before Nanny arrived. After Nanny came they loved her and she them. The show never grows old and I hope that someday that it will be issued out on DVD for a new generation to enjoy. Richard Long was known to many as the oldest son on The Big Valley, a western starring Barbara Stanwyck. He began his career as the young son of Claudette Colbert and Orson Wells in Tomorrow is Forever. I will enjoy the show as long as I can because in my mind it never ages. It is truly a classic.