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the odd number of films i have personally enjoyed watching... for one reason or another.

film can be appreciated in so many different and unique ways...
it is alive and certainly dynamic... other words: 'this is my dream collection- which spans over a century of time'.
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looking into,
the art of the documentary,

this is my own personal documentation,
of the many different documentary films that i have found to be important...

for one reason or another.. here they are...
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Last year @ the movies...
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Thirty magnificent films from the 1930's.
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since i've last updated this,
these are currently my twenty favorite films from the 1920's.

- very subject to change -
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2011: a year in the movies,
and a list, according to me,


~ all comments or recommendations are welcomed & appreciated ~
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this is as far as i have delved into the movement of GERMAN EXPRESSIONISM..

here, i am looking to document my progress & possibly receive any feedback.

thank you,

Robert Wiene,
F.W. Murnau,
Fritz Lang,
G.W. Pabst,
& co.

thank you.