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Coyote Waits (2003) (TV)
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Suspenseful and Engrossing..., 19 November 2003

While watching this movie, you follow two Navajo police officers as they uncover the truth behind a series of murders.

This enjoyable, well acted, film keeps you guessing until the end.

Due to the scenery, it is visually entertaining as it maintains a good story line. At the same time, the characters are full of life and emotion, but not so much as to overwhelm the mystery lurking beneath the story line.

Adam Beech and Wes Studi both give good, believable performances.

As this is an intelligent persons movie, I would recommend this film to people who do not need graphic violence or bad language to enjoy a film.

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Great for Small Children!, 1 September 2003

This is a movie and Television show that is Great for Small children! (Unlike other comments on here that are from ADULTS watching a CHILDREN'S show.) My 9 month old Loves how the Wiggles seem to talk directly to her. She Smiles and Squeals when I bounce her to the Wiggles Happy, Silly Songs! I Plan to Purchase this Movie so She can Delight in it everyday, just as we watch them every morning! Thank You Wiggles for Making Television Fun for Children!