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Fifteen Digits (2012) (V)
A High Velocity Ride, 19 April 2015

There was no going back. There was no going forward. There was no prison break. Once in, he would never get out. They did not have to pay that price. He would save them. He thought he saved them, but as darkness enveloped him, he knew he was wrong. The cards of fate were not dealt in his favor, and maybe, they never were. And anguish and pain were the remains of promise and hope lying crippled and broken across cold cement ground. There was no going back. There was no going forward. There were just five lives obliterated by Fifteen Digits.

Fifteen Digits is a high velocity ride biting at the heels of the Reservoir Dogs. Its twists and turns will ensnare your mind and heart, stealing your breath away, and leave you reeling in the end mirroring The Usual Suspects. Nothing is black and white. Suspect everyone for like in The Score, nobody is who they appear to be in this mesmerizing tale of crime written by Nick Santora.

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Ghosts No More, 26 March 2015

We are ghosts in this world, hungering for a voice, for connection, existence, and by chance did I come to haunt the grounds of a ground-breaking website opening the door to all those in search of themselves. Through collaborations and remixes did I find inspiration to find my voice and connect with those like me, and now I have taken flight through artistry and creation in discovering a road I long forgotten in hopes of the world discovering me. And my heart soars on wings of kindness and support, realizing that we are all ghosts in this world but not here. Here is where we Hit Record. Here is a place, a community that we call home.

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The Supernatural Lives On, 25 March 2015

A television show nearly extinguished has become truly distinguished, not only breaking ground but forever defining TV. Supernatural continues to be both astounding and mesmerizing as true talent ignites from a brilliant cast and crew, and with intensity are we still captivated along intricate lines of the Winchester boys. Granted, we know that all good things must come to an end, but legacy will forever be left behind, feeding the beast of intense need for all things that go bump in the night and opening the door for television shows such as Grimm, Sleepy Hollow, and even iZombie. We might still be terrorized by the hell hounds of Reality TV, but the Supernatural lives on.

Don Jon (2013)
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A Riveting Tale, 5 January 2014

Addiction is the sweetest lie that pulls us under, but we don't realize that we're drowning. Instead, we dream the sweetest dream, perfection, but one will rock the boat, stirring waves of conflict and control. We struggle to gain what we had, but it still slips between our fingers. And somewhere in-between, a heart is beating, waiting to be noticed, and a catching glance notices. Two lives drift closer against the waves of despair and tragedy, and two hearts become one. And addiction is the sweetest lie obliterated by good vibrations, but the story does not end here for there is no happy ending because nothing ever ends. And love is only the beginning.

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Should the Truth be Told?, 7 August 2012

The castle of our lives are not built with perfection but from rubble of mistakes that should be left buried, but the writing is on the letters. The ordinary life is stripped back to the past for what can't be forgotten, and corruption rises to the top, a covering of murders. But truth be told, and all lives would fall. The castle of our lives would become broken, built upon lies and murder, but to face the past could be to destroy the future, claim more innocent lives that had struggled not to become lost. But can we truly walk away from what we have done, or are we ready to pay the price for building a castle upon the rubble of our mistakes?

Trust (2010/I)
Trust Only, 28 April 2012

Trust. Such a simple, beautiful word, a dream of the world being our oyster, and we being its pearl. But innocence is so easily stolen, and we thought we trusted the one to break us, leaving us in pieces razor sharp. Our life left in ruins, and betrayal carving our hearts wide open for all the world to see. There is no escape but one, but it is our loved ones to bring us back, fight when there is no fight left. Or so we think. We learn in the end that Trust is not so simple and not so beautiful but a dream found in the hearts and soul of the ones to love us, our family and friends, portrayed so realistically through performance and script, underlying the definition of the word we all use so easily, Trust but trust only those you truly know.

Hush (2008/V)
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Hush, Little Lady, and I'll Tell You Why., 29 March 2012

Hush, little lady, don't you cry. Hush now, and I'll tell you why. Arguments have left you high and dry, and a white truck passes you on by. And your love is calling while the rain is falling, and this story now has begun on rolling. So, sit on back and enjoy the thrill for this tale is a real chill. And fear will slither down your spine while you think that you are just fine. But if you don't break and fall down, we won't find you buried in the ground. You better hush little lady, and don't you cry. This mysterious stranger won't tell you why but will continue to drive on by, and you will most likely die. But with the end so nigh and love as stars in the milky sky, he will so desperately try to keep you alive. But hush, hush now, and don't you cry. Hush, hush now and say good-bye.

Let Me In (2010/I)
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Drink Me In to a Chilling but Thrilling Vampire Movie, 13 February 2012

Small footsteps kiss the white snow, darkness on approach. Innocence are the laughs and smiles forever gone, and bitterness are the bullies to rip you apart. A blade flashes through anger, and survival are the tears of blood now slipping under quiet. Raging fires of thirst threaten to consume, sirens flash of warning, and screams begin to fill the air, the end of a once small and quiet town. But boy meets girl, boy and girl become friends, and the wall between them, their secrets come crashing down. Would she keep him forever, or would he let her go? As stakes rise higher and higher, their lives intertwine, saving the other, and they steal away from madness, riding the train deep into nowhere, nowhere but where they would be forever, a heartbeat in a true chilling tale of Vampire, a tribute to the classics like the original Fright Night and Lost Boys.

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The Lie of Human Nature, 15 January 2012

Human nature is the lie we believe for we have survived the worst of times and lived the best. Our world, our lives are not those of jungles and deserts, and we are not the sum of our fears or thirst for dominance. We live by our own hand, and justice is the cry of the heart, the belief that we are better men. But what if we were caged, striped of humanity, and held between four, concrete walls? Would we still remain locked in the human nature that we believe, or would instinct consume and control, defining predator from prey? How far would we go to survive, and how far would we have to go to return to a life once lived? And once back into the world we trust and know, what would make us then, predator or prey?

Prisoner (2007)
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A Dark Intrigue of a Cinematic Treasure, 11 November 2011

Secrets are the intricate lines of our definition, winding through corridors of memory, and buried under truth do we believe the lies, clouded by darkness. Only in our darkest hour do we find focus on what we truly hide underneath, what eats away at us, and becomes our worst nightmare, and we struggle to survive. We hold on to what we know, what we love, but what we love the most may have led us into tragedy, a tragedy now secret to even ourselves. And only in the face of death do we remember, wake up and see what we have done, memories caught on tape, reels of film flapping against past and future. If we survive, face the truth, what waits for us in the end? What kind of person do we become?

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