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too long, 31 December 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The basic story is charming. Goes to your heart, but at over 120 Minutes in length, too many subplots (if you can call various scenes) just add painful time to the film. what really bothers one is that (spoilers) the little girl is gone - off to somewhere. Her parents have no idea where the girl and the grandfather are - and the NEVER call her on her iphone - which the girl uses to such an extend like apple paid her to do so. The monastery scene is fun, yes, but just drags the film in length. So is the summer party. Anyways, lots of nice pictures, lots of music, Emma Schweiger is really good and of course Dieter Hallervorden. A great role for the man. Til should just let someone trust in editing his film(s), as this one is barely watchable.

Heroes (2013) (TV)
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what a dud, 12 October 2013

Really painful to watch. For starters the script is just bad. The story far fetched (which can be absolutely Okay in any disaster picture) but here the script fails. More the director can't save the bad script, since he isn't too good either. There is one scene - no spoiler - where Yvonne Catterfeld slaps a teenager. It looks so dumb.... Camera- and production design are very decent for a TV movie of that scale, but can't help saving the mess of a badly directed bad script. To top it, production cost was around 8 Million €. They should have spend it on a some better writers. What a dud.

Various story lines are interwoven into a "hero" story. There is the nurse who outgrows herself in the disaster (uhhaa, Christine Neubauer in a hard to top role). The German Chancellor has his agenda, but the main "heroes" Christiane Paul and - I forgot his name - race from Berlin to Switzerland to save Germany from more collapses. THe race is so dumb, so unreal.

Best part are a couple of farm workers somewhere in Brandenburg. All women, and each and everyone looks like a model out of a Heidi Klum casting show. What was that please???

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not a bad movie but somewhat slow, 10 June 2011

Saw it at European premiere. Overall it is a nice comedy. Not for hard laughs, but a somewhat sentimental story about an excellent salesman who is fired, because he doesn't have a college degree. Hence he goes back to community college and ends up falling in love.

So far so good. The entire cast is good and Julia is excellent as a hard drinking disillusioned teacher. Tom's direction is a bit slow. So is the build up of the story. It seems to move endlessly among A story, B story trying to please everyone.

Tom decided on a strange, sepia colored 70s look for this one. It's so unreal, or maybe real, I quiet was turned off by it. I suppose for a mature adult audience in their mid 40s this one works. Teenagers will see the Transporter CGI nonsense, while their parents will have a good time with this love-comedy-drama story.

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A underrated little gem..., 1 October 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Adele - is a fun ride into the mystic of Egyptian folklore, set in the early half of the 20th century in Paris. I won't get into too much into the storyline but the mad ideas are just fun to watch. It is NO Indian Jones, it is the journey of a very, very modern woman, who wants to bring back her twin sister out of a, well, a coma. Luc Besson transports you into a strange but beautiful Paris setting, with all kind of weird characters. Set design is marvelous, very detailed, one can smell the times. The film has humor and suspense and toward the end, you just have to sit back and enjoy the ludicrous ride. If one accepts it, you have fun. The girl playing Adele - Louise Bourgoin - is one hell of a knockout. Loosely based on the comic strips by Tardi, the story is a mix of book 1 and book 4, I think. The film is rated PG in Europe, a glimpse of a bare breast can be seen and no minors would mind it - why should they, in the first place. Unfortunately the film didn't do too much business in France and I hear it is not coming out theatrical in the states, so I am deeply afraid, there won't be a sequel. Although the last three minutes in the film suggest a great second adventure of beautiful Adele. Try to catch it on DVD, when living in the states.

Eisfieber (2010) (TV)
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Disappointing? Worse..., 22 February 2010

It took 13 years after "The Third Twin" to put another Follett Novel on the screen - okay a little TV screen. Whiteout is a fast paced real time thriller novel, which was somehow optioned by two German Companies. Network Movie & Constantin Television. (Two rival TV-Producer on the same film,I suppose they shared the film rights cost...)

Anyways, the result is a 2 x 90 Min. TV feature of mediocre quality. Casting is Eurotrash, involving an Italian actress who is the love interest to a German actor. Boy those two must have hated each other - no chemistry whatsoever.

Tempo, Speed, Rhythm in the first part - less than zero. What a painful experience. Although the settings are nice, the directing by award wining Peter Keglevic, can pass by the plain awful script. Sped picks up in the second part, but it is too late. Damage has been done. Do not waste your time on this, it is a shame, such a bloody shame...

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A disgrace nothing more!, 2 August 2009

how bad can a TV movie be? Try watching this RTL movie. No humor, no thrills, no action and NO STORY. A bunch of losers all fight a race to find a huge diamond, which then again will save a dome in Germany from collapsing. And to top it, this "Film" was financially supported by the Bavarian Film Fond. The writers should be hanged, together with the director. This "film" is a poor sample of a waste of money and shows unfortunately that RTL is seriously giving up their movie devision. How desperate must all the well known German "actors" be, to have signed up for this? A mind blowing stupidity. On a good count, the producers probably saved on a script / Continuity girl.

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a huge disaster, 15 December 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What was that? A comedy? No, a drama, a big drama for Schweiger and his crew. Where to begin? Nearly every, and I mean every part of this movie doesn't work. The abundance of German TV stars can't help this monster of a failure. Worst of the line up is Thomas Gottschalk, a German TV Host. He plays the king to such a disgraceful performance, you wanna cry out load whenever he appears on the screen. The film is supposed to be comedy, but nobody in the theater I was sitting in laughed at the misguided jokes. But why did commercially successful director and actor Schweiger choose this script? We will never find out. The film is completely blown out of proportions, one supposedly joke chasing the next one, where the comedy simply doesn't work! There is no comedic timing, worse there is no direction in this film. Why on earth doesn't Schweiger trust an experienced director? He is clearly more at easy with romantic comedies such as his super success Keinohrhasen or Barefoot. No this Mr. Schweiger is a big dud. And you directed, stared and produced this monster - it is your fault. PLEASE save your money on this 15 Minute long bore of a film. It simply doesn't work at all.

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We loved Moneypenny, Q and M. Why did you take it all away?, 12 November 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I went twice to see this movie. First on the Berlin Premiere, second time a week later. Why? Well, on premiere night I had tickets in row 7, of a huge theatre. I was hugely excited to see the new Bond (as I always have been for the past 25 some years). But hey, I had to LEAVE the theatre after 15 minutes. You simply can't watch that fast edited MTV Style movie in row 7 (!). No chance, absolutely. Okay so I went again, this time a nice seat all the way at the end of the same theatre. I could endure the MTV cuts, but not the massacre the producers did to Bond. (the director can't be held responsible, since the producers chose him and not vice versa).

In 21 previous Bond films, one could really like the British super spy. His character, his smartness, some cool one liners, and yes, Ms. Broccoli, we the audience loved the gadgets. We loved Moneypenny, Q and M. Why did you take it all away? Why? We may never know...

This Bond is just another action flick with a really mediocre storyline. For heavens sake, change the characters name, and you are not in one single moment reminded of the great super spy. Why bother then?

For the action: Filming hand held and edit MTV style does not mean action automatically! The great Frankenheimer knew that, when he filmed some of the best car chases in "Ronin", Foster probably never saw that classic....

For a reminder, since it comes up so many times in reviews on IMDb, Bond and Borne are two completely different franchises. Borne is chasing after his history, while Bond is saving the world. Just because Borne was such a huge success, don't try imitate him. Arrgh what a terrible film, it is such a shame. Regardless of what the box office says!

P.S. and then you even dare to take away the gun barrel montage in the beginning, and no more "Bond, James Bond. Are you people mental?

Bibel Code (2008) (TV)
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Painful, 3 September 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Excruciatingly painful so called event movie. A lame story taken from Dan Browns Da Vinci Code. Cosma Shiva Hagen stumbles through this mess of a loop hole storyline from Germany through France all the way into the Namibian Desert. As usual the bad guys are all dressed in black, and German screen legend Joachim Fuchsberger gives a sad performance as the Pope. Some actors are French, which is not bad, if the producers would have just invested in a proper dubbing. This movie didn't make any sense at all. Either filled with over lengthy dialogs, or mindless chase scenes, which only shows the audience how stupid the bad guys are. The movie could have been over after 5 Minutes, - SPOILER - if the baddies didn't only shoot Johannas father, but her as well. Mind you writers: An adventure action film needs to be plausible. Otherwise you lost your audience. Pro Sieben certainly did. The ratings were just above average for the first part, the second part, some 800.000 viewers decided not to follow the outcome. Cosma deserves better scripts, cause she is about the best thing in this dud of a film.

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if it would be any good..., 24 May 2008

the film would have a US theatrical release - don't you think. Saw the film, loved the books as a kid, but please what what this all about? Nothing of the flick reminded me of the lovely books. The kids are too polished, too wise, too boring - that is not the acting, but the weak, weak script they had too suffer trhough. Why South Africa? I can tell you, cause it is cheap to shoot there, nothing else. The film was a major disappointment in Germany (box office). Generated some 900.000 viewers - tha'ts not enough to recoup the investment of nearly 10. Mill Euros in budget. No idea, why they made another one. Too sad, great promise, weak, very weak result.

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