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Nocturne (1980/I)
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Good Short Film By Lars!!, 8 July 2004

I saw this short film on a DVD containing short films by some of Europe's great directors including the likes Jean Luc Godard, Tom Tykwer, Peter Mullan etc. I have been big fan of Lars for a while now and seen most of his films so I was eager to see this and I wasn't disappointed. Right from the very start you can tell it is a Lars film due to the distinctive style. You can also see how it has influenced his later films e.g. The Element of Crime due to the use of filters. It is good to see how Lars has progressed from this early short and fans should check this short out although it is over too soon. It is a simple but effective short and fans should definitely like it, so check it out!!

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Outstanding!!, 11 June 2004

I have wanted to see this film for a long time due to the controversy and critical acclaim and I was not disappointed. The acting is superb especially from Jena Malone who did an amazing job. Jennifer Jason Leigh, Michael Rooker and Ron Eldard were also very good. Even though the subject matter is disturbing the story should be told because this is what happens in the world we live in. I strongly recommend this film although as many people have said it is very disturbing, nonetheless this important film should be seen. The book is supposed to be better and although I can't compare the film should be seen. Well done Angelica Huston!!


Zatoichi (2003)
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Kitano doesn't fail to amaze!!, 11 June 2004

Zatoichi is definitely one of my favourite films and I consider it one of Kitano's best if not his best in terms of his acting and directing. I have the majority of Kitano's films and I was over joyed to hear that he was starring and directing Zatoichi and I was not disappointed when i saw it. Everything about the film is exceptional although a big disappointment for me was the fact that CGI blood was used which does look a bit fake in some scenes. That is the only criticism I can think of. The film is very violent but like Kill Bill it is comic violence. I was also pleased to see Tadanobu Asano(Kakihara from Ichi the Killer)who was very good and he also plays a reasonably similar role in Gohatto(also starring Kitano). Fans of Kitano and Japanese cinema should watch this as well as fans of the Zatoichi franchise.

Near flawless film!!


Visitor Q (2001) (V)
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I Liked it., 16 February 2004

This was the fourth Miike film I have seen and I have to say like Ichi the Killer, Audition and Dead or Alive I liked it immensly. Like all Miike's films it is disturbing but it wouldn't be a Miike film if it wasn't. Fans of Miike would definitely like it but others may think it is a little too disturbing. the film is very funny but the only downside is that it is alittle short but other than that it is very good. I recommend it.

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Best Series Ever!!, 10 February 2004

This is the best series ever directed by the great Lars von Trier. I have got the 4 disc boxset containing both The Kingdom 1 and 2 and it is one of the best DVDs I have got. I urge anyone who hasn't seen it to pick it up. Fans of von Trier should definitely see this as it similar to some of his other work such as the camera work and the yellowish tinge that the scenes have. The only downside is that both series are inconclusive nonetheless it is very entertaining with some frightening moments. Watch it.

Roaring, Rampage of Revenge, 10 February 2004

Amazing film definitely one of Tarantino's best if not his best. This film is basically flawless and I can't believe some people dislike this film. The action scenes are great and the music is exceptional definitely one of the best things about Kill Bill. Tarantino has done martial arts/samurai fans proud and it is great to see references to past Tarantino flicks aswell as early martial arts flicks. I hope Kill Bill vol 2 is on par with this. Everyone should see this flick, enough said.

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Close but no cigar!!, 10 February 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Spoilers Ahead

Although Battle Royale 2 is very good it is definitely not as good as the original. It is very similar to the first but it is definitely not as violent although there is alot of blood. Fans of the first should definitely see this and it is good to have characters from the first in this one. The downside is that Takeshi Kitano does a very very short cameo and half of the student die in the first half an hour and then basically they are all dead apart from a small number when it has been on an hour. Good film for the fans.

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Great but short Anime!, 10 February 2004

Blood is a great anime and it is great to see digital animation. The story is good aswell as the charcters but it is definitely too short and it ends just when you get into it. I also like the fact that it mixes english and japenese. I definitely recommend this to anyone and especially anime fans who haven't seen it.

Twin Town (1997)
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Great Flick!!!, 10 February 2004

I have loved this flick ever since I first saw it and it is not a clone of Trainspotting because it stands in a league of its own. If you are British it is impossible not to like this flick but some Americans might not be able to understand the accents. Everyone should watch this and it features Rhys Ifans and Dougary Scott's in their best roles yet. The violence and language (there is alot) may offend some people but to me it just makes the film even funnier and more entertaining. Buy this flick, see this flick. Make it your goal in life to see this flick. 5 out of 5

Gritty Social Realism!!, 10 February 2004

I first saw this film when I was about 12 and I thought it was amazing and very realistic. Gary Oldman is a great director and the camera work makes it seem almost like a documentary adding to the realism. The domestic violence and strong language may offend some people but it once again adds to the realism. The acting from Ray Winstone and Kathy Burke is exceptional and Steve Sweeney has a great and funny role. This should be seen by every Brit. I also recommend Tim Roth's directorial debut 'The War Zone'.

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