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A dark morality tale, 21 October 2006

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A film I enjoyed, if enjoyed is the right word, very dark but moving. Although I live in the UK I can only say I "feel" it was realistic in its portrayal of the underbelly of city life - the power the baddies (bullies) wield is purely from menace - when they need to use violence it is not what they are used to. Black humour too a drugs gang in a 2CV - not your usual stereotype. The lead's guilt and need for revenge joined together really well - and i didn't see the twist coming at all - and i thought it hugely effective. The sheer banality of the locations was spot on - a complete contrast to the restrained violence. These are small town bullies who pick on the wrong guy - these bullies exist everywhere - they are in all of us.

Domino (2005)
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You're probably wondering how a girl like me arrived here, at the arse end of the Nevada desert with a blood-spattered Winnebago and a one-armed man., 11 August 2006

A classic movie line - maybe it sums up the movie, maybe not.

I started to watch this movie once, but wasn't in the mood and stopped; second time around I stuck it out. I felt I had to work at it, and when I struggled Scott worked at it for me - helping me along with hints and tips on screen - not sure you should have that in a movie. Style over substance? Maybe but an engaging quality and some comic elements - in the end not a classic, but some interesting elements. I have to say that a movie that needs subtitles for even for English lines and explanations is probably having to work too hard.

Overall, 30 minutes too long but worth seeing.

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My mistake, 24 June 2002

Well - I watched about 20 minutes before giving up - can't comment on the whole film though - hey, maybe it got better? It looked like an interesting idea to start with but the characters, when introduced were so two dimensional and the plot so uninteresting it failed to grab my attention. But i think it was the acting which really blew it - very wooden and unconvincing right from the start.