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so cool!!!!!, 25 May 2002

This movie is so cool! I agree that the beginning was a little choppy, but once the action started, coooool! I love Padme's costumes, much better than they were in Episode I. I especially love the dress she wears at the end. I loved ALL of her costumes. Obi-Wan finally had a bigger role, Ewan McGregor is going to do some good in these movies. He has proven himself an actor. Yeah, Anakin was bit of a jackass but that's how he was supposed to be. He was supposed to be a narcissist, that's how he became Darth Vader. Yoda has a really cool fighting scene, you have to see it to believe it!!!! SEE THIS MOVIE, NOW!

South Pacific (2001) (TV)
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You must be joking..., 12 March 2002

This is what many cultured people should call "a true desecration of a classic." They ruined this musical from what it was supposed to be! Glenn Close is obviously far too old to be playing a twenty-something year old. She's a decent singer but her singing was terrible for this role. The filmmakers obviously needed to cast someone much younger who could sing. A young woman could carry this role convincingly, Glenn Close could not. Glenn Close was not at all convincing in this role because she was too old. Harry Connick Jr. was probably the best part of this whole desecration. He can carry a tune, but his singing is not the greatest.

Overall this movie was utter nonsense, and they trashed it up even! Why do filmmakers think that they can remake classics? These days filmmakers are stupid in thinking that they can modernize classics and turn them into trash in order to please the stupid people. If you are a purist for musicals, do not see this movie for your own good.

this is one of the greatest and most romantic movies of all time!, 7 March 2002

This movie is sooo romantic, yet it does not contain any sex. It's fully clean, with the exception of Rhett's last word. Vivien Leigh is superb, nobody can play Scarlett O'Hara like she could. No one. She totally deserved that Oscar. Clark Gable was superb as well, again, no one can be Rhett Butler ever again because he was so good. I love this movie. I also love Mammy, because she steals the show with her humor and her pure charm. Hattie MacDaniel deserved her Oscar as well. You know, I think this movie would adapt into a great musical if someone with skill picked it up. There are millions of spots where a song and/or dance number could be placed. This movie is among my favorite movies of all time. It's a classic, you have to see it. It's more romantic than "Titanic" will ever be.

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beautiful, just beautiful, 5 March 2002

Besides "West Side Story", this is the best adaptation of the classic play by William Shakespeare. It is in no way trashy and the leads are superb. What I like about this movie is that the leads are played by people who were in the right age range for the parts. Plus there is no drugs, well there is that morning-after scene, and the violence isn't gory whatsoever.

I also love the music. That theme is just so haunting and romantic. It just makes you want to cry the first time you hear it, when Romeo and Juliet kiss. Ohhh, I wish all movies were like this.

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You've got to be kidding me..., 26 February 2002

Okay, this movie was absolutely horrible. I am a very loyal Laura Ingalls Wilder fan and I have read biographies about her and believe me almost NONE of this was factual. First off, Laura Ingalls Wilder was an obvious brunette and it was pointed out in almost every book. Even though she did not like some of the customs of ladies, she still followed those customs. Like, she even put her hair up! Plus, she was no where near ditzy. She was smart and sincere and very honest. Honestly, if I was going to make a movie based on this wonderful woman's life, I would be as loyal to it as possible! Another thing, Laura and Almanzo lost their second child about a few weeks after he was born, he was not stillborn. Furthermore, she did not have a passion for writing until she was much older. And the girls who played Laura's sisters were underplayed and her parents were not loveable like they were in the book. Laura did not truly love Almanzo Wilder until they became engaged actually. She liked him and admired him but she did not actually love him until they were engaged. Obviously the makers of this movie took some creative liberties with this movie, and I did not like them. Don't waste your time seeing this movie.

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To Life! This movie has life!, 17 February 2002

When I first saw this movie, I had no idea what was going on because I was nine at the time. When I finally had it explained, I finally got it. This movie is great. I could watch this movie a million times if my family would let me. Topol is hysterical as Tevye. He unconciously obeys his religion, he has trouble coping with change, and he wishes life were better. Tevye is a pure example of a person who is obedient without question. One of my favorite scenes in the movie is the bottle dance. It is timeless. I also like the barroom dance scene. I have always enjoyed the dance numbers that are very athletic. I also think that Norma Crane's Golde is wonderful. You see, she is a cold woman on the outside, but if you get to the center of her personality, you can tell she is an insecure but a loving woman who only wants the best for her family. That voice too, what woman has that deep and beautiful of a voice? I thought the songs were wonderful, and I didn't know they had to cut out thirty minutes. My high school put on Fiddler on the Roof and they included these songs. I agree they were very dumb, and the movie functions quite well without them. The movie also gives us a good history lesson and a lesson in ethics. We should not persecute someone because of their faith, skin color, anything. I am not Jewish but I am of a religion that has also suffered persecution and still does; I am Mormon. Mormons and Jews seem to get along because we are fellow sufferers. Fiddler on the Roof is one of my favorite musicals, along with "The King and I", "The Sound of Music", "Mary Poppins", "My Fair Lady", "The Music Man", and "West Side Story". I think Fiddler deserved more Oscars than it got. But it seems the Academy doesn't enjoy movies that are actually good. Topol deserved an Oscar, so did Leonard Frey, and I think that Norma Crane should have at least been nominated. I also enjoy this movie because it's appropriate for everyone to watch. It doesn't have graphic violence, sex, nudity, or anything objectionable.

See this movie! It's too good to miss.

it would be nice if they didn't use so much profanities..., 16 February 2002

I thought this movie was hysterically funny, but I do wish that the characters didn't use so much profanity. Ironically this wasn't the first movie that I ever saw Matthew Broderick in, but instead "Faerie Tale Theatre" was the first project that I ever saw Matthew Broderick's face in. Everything about this movie is great, except of course all the profanity. I thought the scene where Ferris, Sloane, and Cameron were at the restaurant was too funny. Abe Frohman? Who would have a name like that? Especially a seventeen year old. It's too bad Matthew Broderick was typecast for a long time after this since he looks so young for his age. He's almost forty now, and he definitely does not look it! Overall I thought this movie was funny.

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Great!, 9 February 2002

I have loved this movie since I was about five. In fact, this is how I characterize Matthew Broderick, since this was the first role I ever saw him perform. He looks so young! He did a great job of performing Prince Henry; he is so witty and is very charming in this role! Jean Stapleton is so good, she almost steals the whole show for herself! I'll take her as my fairy godmother any day! She is just so loveable and she is so funny. Jennifer Beals was very good in this role; usually Cinderella is fair haired and fair complected but Jennifer Beals is dark-haired and dark-complected, and she is still very beautiful. Jennifer Beals and Matthew Broderick's chemistry is absolutely perfect, and you would almost think they would have made a good couple! I thought that their dance number was wonderful; oh I wish I had grace! The stepmother and stepsisters were your classic love-to-hate characters and they are exactly how I would imagine the stepmother and stepsisters in a live-action performance. A very well done show. I could watch it a million times in a day if I wanted to. My mother loves it even!

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Oh wouldn't it be loverly if movies were as lovely as this?, 8 February 2002

I have loved 'My Fair Lady' ever since I first saw it on the stage when I was nine years old; when I was ten, I got this video for Christmas and I adored it! Even though Audrey Hepburn was dubbed, they selected the right singer to use in dubbing her voice. I didn't know until I had had this video a year that Audrey Hepburn was dubbed, that's how good a job they did.

Overall, Audrey was beautiful in her performance. I shall not ignore Rex Harrison's Henry Higgins, for he greatly deserved that Oscar for Best Actor! Even though he cannot sing, his talk-singing fits his character. The chemistry between Audrey and Rex is superb. The acting overall is great, and I love Mrs. Higgins! The costumes were breathtaking, the music was lovely, the cinematography excellent, oh, the great things to say of this musical. I wish Hollywood would make more musicals!

"Frasier" (1993)
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Why can't all TV shows be as intelligent as this?, 8 February 2002

I love this TV show, and I try to watch it as much as possible! The humor is intelligent unlike some TV shows that have humor that is stupid and immature and predictable. You just have to laugh at all the situations that Niles and Frasier get into that could have been prevented in the first place if they weren't so concerned with appearances, hence the episode when they wanted to see that actor's final stage performance but couldn't because they would not get cancellation tickets! Jane Leeves' Daphne Moon is a wonderful character; she tries to offer words of advice to the Crane family that are sadly ignored most of the time. Martin is funny as the dad who is clueless as to reasons why his sons won't embrace the ordinary life(and I want a chair as comfy as his). I like how Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde Pierce showcase their musical talents on the show(and I can tell that isn't fake piano playing) quite often.

Roz is delicious, and you have to laugh at her dysfunctionally romantic life. I enjoy watching Bebe Glazer when she comes on, Lilith is a roll-over when she makes her presence, and of course, Bulldog and his stupid and immature attitude. Watch this show! You'll get a good laugh!

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