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Terrific film, 16 June 2003

I love Clint westerns and Two Mules For Sister Sara is no exception. Clint is Clint and Shirley MacLaine is perfect for her role as "Sister Sara". The developing chemistry between Eastwood and MacLaine is fun to watch and the score outstanding. As usual, Clint has some classic one-liners. I've watched this DVD 5 times and have yet to be bored.

The Score (2001)
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Simply Excellent, 11 May 2003

Excellent plot, excellent actors and excellent ending. I love this movie from start to finish - Ed Norton was terrific (as always) and Robert De Niro was his usual outstanding self. Don't quite follow the reviews that said this movie was "boring". Sorry, there's no non-stop explosions or car chases, just plain old excellence.

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Classic, 2 November 2002

"For its time" this is one of the best films ever made. In my opinion, how you feel about this movie depends on when you first viewed it. I saw it for the first time when it came out in 1973, I was 13, and it scared the living crap out of me (being raised a Catholic, living 5 miles from Georgetown didn't help). The Exorcist was so UNLIKE any film made up to that point, it astounded people. Throw in the "weak" link to the truth and anyone who wasn't scared by this movie in the mid-70's was either in a comma or dead.

Of course 30 years later, we've been exposed to thousands of similar demonic-type scenes and it's lost much of its impact. A couple of years ago, my teenage daughter and I watched it and she, like many others, thought it was hilarious. I myself wondered why I was so scared. The answer of course was "timing". Great movie appreciated by those who are old enough to have seen it when it first came out.

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Great!!!, 29 August 2002

I thought this was an excellent comedy...from start to finish. Any man or women who has had "rough" in-laws, or "soon-to-be" in-laws can probably relate to Greg's plight.....and to comments of 9/11...I suppose MASH shouldn't have been made (wars are NOT funny) and Cheers was disgusting with all the alcoholics we have roaming this planet .... sheesh.....lighten up!!!

Entropy (1999/I)
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Fine piece of work, 28 August 2002

Had a chance to catch this on cable..started watching, fully intending to see what else was on, and before I knew it, it was over. Very original, very entertaining, and a terrific movie!...and I loved the smoking cat!!

Unexpected Pleasure, 23 August 2002

I thought this moving was outstanding. Non-stop laughs (good clean humor for a change!!) from start to finish. The "ethnic" humor was done in good taste and the cast was absolutely terrific. As stated above, a true unexpected pleasure, well worth the money!!

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Not Too Impressed, 18 August 2002

Finally took in Lord of the Rings and I'm wondering why this movie is so highly praised (#4 of all time? - not even close). The battle scenes are far too cheesey Western/"A-Team"ish (1,000 bullets flying around (arrows in this case) and no one gets hit - except of course the "bad" guys). The dialogue was hard to hear on more than one occasion because the background music was so LOUD and the special effects were not all that "special". In fact, based on the technology of the time, The Wizard of Oz runs circles around Lord of the Rings. Finally, as other's have mentioned, each movie should be it's own entity. The ending was a total let down.

John Q (2002)
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Enjoyable, 4 August 2002

Blowing past the overt health care message, I found this film to be very enjoyable. As other's have mentioned, the story itself was a little unbelievable but Denzel was absolutely fabulous!! Eddie Griffin's "Your my hero John" (or whatever he said) at the end brought a tear to my eye...As a father of one, Denzel's heartfelt, terrific performance, allowed me the opportunity to imagine what such a situation would be like - he is just an incredible actor...worth the rent for his performance alone.

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Loved it!!, 24 July 2002

I've watched this movie 3 times now, and it gets better each time. The message is clear and point well-taken. I think this movie offends because as the old saying goes, "the truth hurts". Superficial beauty is craved by society despite it's ugliness. Gwyneth Paltrow was outstanding and Jack Black was excellent as usual.

The Score (2001)
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Well Done, 10 July 2002

I found this to be very entertaining and didn't think it was slow at all...some time must be taken to set up the characters and plot...can't be all ACTION ACTION ACTION....I thought Brando, DeNiro, and Norton were all outstanding (particularily Norton - the guy is just an incredible actor!!). I was shocked to say the least when I read in a previous comment this movie was rated "R"...for what?? It's as close to "G" as a movie can be...sheesh....anyway, good flick.

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