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I Am David (2003)
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Well at least the book's better after watching, 6 February 2010

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The movie definitely took some liberties. It is quite different. The similarities is basically the major thing. The striking the match plan is the same, as well where his bundle is and his trip to Denmark. Except that the bundle comes with soap, for which he asked for in the book, he starts in Bulgaria and travels to Salonica by hiding in a truck and he gets caught on a fence to add suspense. Also, he has to bring an envelope along with him. The sailor finds hims and gives him a life vest, but he has to trade his knife. He gets to land and discovers beauty, as in the book. He then goes into to town where he makes up the circus story for a baker. Then the baker tells him about St. Elizabeth and asks him to smile for bread. In the book, he was first asked to smile by the old British couple, who are not in the movie. Then, the baker calls in cop on him and he barely gets away. Something the screenwriter decided should happen. He also doesn't get his free bread. Then in a flashback, we find that Johannes is shot. Something else different. This is when David decides he should have a god. Not when he loses his compass though. Plus his choice is St. Elizabeth, no the god of still water ad green pastures. This completely eliminates the conversation with the priest which was an interesting part in the book. His first job he is given in the movie is by and old woman who wants him to deliver wine to a party. Which of course, never happened in the book. He then tries to buy stuff in a store but is shooed off, which never happened in the book either. It's here, I should mention that it keeps true to the book by showing him learning from Johannes. Then kind of ruins it by having him remember his mom and being brought here. That destroys David finding himself, as he already knows what happened. Finally, something in the book happens. He meets the American couple who need gas. He does not resent them though and deny their money, later finding it. He just takes it. Then the fight with Carlo happens and he then rescues Maria form the barn. Hear come more differences. He does not have a conversation right after and there is no Andrea. He does learn about the globe and silverware, as in the book. And when he's leaving, he contemplates taking soap, but that's it for similarities for now. He actually has a confrontation with the parents, instead of leaving a letter. He also leaves without knowledge of Maria. That is so crucial, because this is when David first voluntarily hugs somebody. Later on he never sees the newspaper ad or learns not to hate Carlo and writes the apology letter. Then another entirely made up scene comes. There's a riot in the street and David get locked up because an officer thought he threw a rock at him. He does manage to escape. He then does get a lift to his next destination. But, it's from the sailor he met, not the Italian lorre driver. He then meets the artist who paints him. They're driving to her house when they are stopped at the border where David is nearly found out. As you can see, the director obviously thought it needed more close calls. We also find out Sophie's last name is Anderson, not Bang. When they get her house, his strange eyes are mentioned. What seemed to be a major part of the book and David's character, they are mentioned once. Sophie has a dead son backstory and a cat, both not mentioned in the book. Unlike the book, he stays the night. He goes to a store with Sophie and finds out about his mom by a book, not by Sophie being good friends with her. Then, in a scene change, he is boarding an airplane to Denmark to see his mom. This COMPLETELY skips out his incident with the farmer. He also never meets his faithful companion King, who taught David dogs are smart, brave and trustworthy. It also skips his treacherous trip through Germany. He just flies straight to his mommy. The End. I liked the book "I Am David," but I like it even more now. Sometimes a lousy movie can enhance your reading experience. The book gives so much more insight from David's point of view and more meaningful storyline. The only big problem I had with the book was the ending, but the movie does even less for the ending. It's like they ran out of budget. The plot is just changed so much, it's barely and adaption. The book is far superior. Book rating: 7/10 Movie rating: 3.5 out of 10

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Horrid Epiosde Of Recces, 12 August 2007

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This is an annoying and unfunny episode of a pretty good TV series. It starts off about Gus learning about germs and totally overacting. He thinks if just one will touch him he's going to DIE! So then with the help of Menlo, he convinces nearly everyone in the school to scrub everything and make sure that the germs don't get on you. But what really bugged me is that Mikey kept on ranting about how germs are our friends. And became the lone germ freedom-fighter. He even named them. And it was totally unreasonable. So Mikey starts to block disinfectant crew. So Gus goes in to get Mikey out. And after Gus accidentally broke Mikey's germ file, Mikey threatened to break Gus because HE was bigger. In the end, Gretchen comes back from being sick and tells that germs can hurt and help. And then everything suddenly goes back to normal. A good truthful ending but horrible, horrible episode. Try to avoid a migraine and don't watch this episode.

Even Better Than Tacos!, 4 August 2007

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This is the most superb show that Nickelodean has ever created. And just basically, the best cartoon too! I first saw this show at my friend's DVD rental store (On Location). I heard of it before but knew that it only ran in the states. So I was kind of interested in what it was all about. Well the owner, said (knowing me) that I would love it. And.... boy did I! This show is COMICAL! It's about a small alien (ZIM), from an planet where height determines your status, is banished to the food court planet, Foodcourtia. Well, he "quits" being banished and his leaders send to nowhere and he land on Earth. With wonderful animation, humor and characters this show is out of this world. As I said the characters are wonderful, there's about 6 of them. ZIM: The small main character of the show. The brash, loud and ignorant alien trying to conquer Earth still being completely oblivious to the fact that his home planet, Irk, wants him to be destroyed. Dib: A young paranormal investigator who is trying to prove that... ZIM IS AN ALIEN! He is constantly being called crazy and being mocked because his head is abnormally large. GIR: A small, stupid and ineffective robot who always says the funniest lines. He rarely understands anything and is obsessed with T.V, Pigs and Tacos (must obey the taco man!). Gaz: Dib's scary, goth sister. Easily angered and obsessed with video games and pizza. Though she knows ZIM's an alien she doesn't really care. The All Mighty Tallest Red and Purple: The leaders of planet Irk. Not very bright yet they are the leaders because they are tall. Snacks are there weak point.

Well it's been pretty long so to sum it... IVADER ZIM RULES! Please watch it! Thanks!

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Horrid and Annoying Show!, 3 July 2007

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Obviously each episode script must take 4 minutes to make. This show is stupid. It's about this kid called Milo who thinks he can become a "super-hero". So he dresses up in a stupid flamingo costume (a disgrace to the majestic birds) and goes around his town trying to solve these idiotic little kids' problems. And always by luck, he somehow solves it. The worst is probably the voicing (those squeaky , annoying voices), plot (I've got gum on my face!) and the fact the Milo sees everything messed-up through his visor. A monkey is a warrior monkey. Litterly, YTV and Canadian made cartoons have going "way" downhill lately. Actually most cartoons period are doing pretty bad. Do me and yourself a favour and watch something decent on YTV like Invader ZIM (cancel Flamingo bring back ZIM!). So please, don't watch this and rot your brain.