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i don't like child's play 2 the plot was gone not good for a sequel, 28 June 2007

I am a really big fan of horror films I've seen Texas chainsaw Halloween you name it I've seen it. My favourite is child's play 1 saw the the 1st chuck film when i was 9 and i loved it. I recommend who ever reads this go and see child's play 1 but you have to buy it because it is banned and its rare to get hold of in hired shops especial in england. If you want to know why its banned look it up. Childs play 2 is good if you see the 1st one you can compare it but after you see the first one you will notice that don Mancini has mucked the story line up. I notice that because he didn't explain nothing at all about it he changed everything the main characters from the 1st one should have been in the second one. he should have changed the 2nd story line into the the 3rd one and come up with something explaining what happened to Andy's mum. I recommend after seeing the 1st chuck don't see the rest up to you but if you see the last 4 you will find that the plot as gone you will get really confused about what happened to the main characters. Plus after seeing the last 4 you will find they are boring I recommend to just see the 1st child's play because the 1st was superb

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mucked up, 28 June 2007

The reason why i voted 1 is because as a Chuck fan i think thats not Chuck he is ruined and really rubbish now i hate the fact that hes scarred because he wasn't scarred in the first place and who came up with a story of him falling in a fan in a theme park. I think bride and seed are rubbish i would swear but I'm not allowed on this sight. Plus its not the fact of him being scared its the story line and the effects are terrible how can it be child's play when everyone is seducing everybody that is not Chuck's style. the other thing is the 1st one had a excellent story line don't get me wrong i loved the 1st child's play film i loved the fact how they explained how Chuck is today and the acting was excellent and they slowly reveled who is killing these people brill. The second was good but it was totally ruined they did not explain what happened to Andy's per-ants and they totally cut the policeman off the whole film. I think Chuck would have been the best horror films out if only they stuck to the original story line instead off changing it round all the time.

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good, 28 June 2007

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I loved this Chucky film its so excellent how they did the story line and the special effects were good. But the rest of the films were terrible child's play 2 was mucked up what got me is Andy is transfered to foster care yea that was good but they didn't explain anything about the mother or the policeman i have seen loads of horror DvDs and they always show what happened to the characters in Any second movie. first one was great 2nd ,3rd were not good 4 and 5 were terrible the reason is why they have totally ruined Chuck and the saga they changed him with scars and the story line was mucked up. The story line was mucked up after the 2nd one. Go and see child's play one is brilliant i would say go and see the 2nd but the rest are terrible.