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Movies about addiction to alcohol and other drugs
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Sexy, sweet, disturbing or dashing: men on film 1939-2012. Working on adding more images of men of color. Sorry.
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A list of guys that I think are both talented actors and dead sexy.

Trying to rank them (#1 as hottest/most talented), but not really in order:
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Homo/Queer male characters in film. Not the nicest or the hottest or the most PC, but the one's I find most interesting.
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In no particular order:
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Films with religious/theological themes - Not an exhaustive list - nearly any film can be said to have religious or theological (and even more philosophical) implications - these are just the one's I want to explore - thinking about subdividing (films based on scripture, good v evil, messiah figures, clergy/the church, the experiences of believers, etc)
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Famous people I share a birthday with.
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1999 was an interesting year for men in film. Check out this list andlet me know if you agree.
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My favorite actresses (in no particular order)
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Not necessarily the BEST films of all time (though some of them are), just the ones that I like the most,

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