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What a dumb plot, 7 February 2008

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What a dumb plot - paranoia among the English populace while high-ranking members of government plot a coup. Only an idiot would think high-ranking members of the British government would try to take over the country while the prime minister lays low.

And where did they come up with this new character Ros Myers played by Hermione Norris? She is incredibly unattractive and unwatchable. She nearly makes the whole episode unwatchable.

Adam could have about any woman in Britain. So it's absurd to think he would even look twice at this new agent. And why would he recruit her after she had plotted against the government?

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The Beautiful Game, 6 May 2002

On a Sunday night when most of the country was going nuts over the opening weekend of "Spiderman," I was blessed to "A Shot At Glory." It's a magnificent movie. I'd like to thank Robert Duvall for producing a film with heart for adults who know the passion of playing intensely and the healing of forgiveness.

Love Among Thieves (1987) (TV)
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The class and style of Audrey Hepburn and Robert Wagner., 25 March 2002

The class and style of Audrey Hepburn and Robert Wagner make this an enjoyable lark. The plot and writing are weak, but Hepburn's smile and style are captivating. Wagner obviously enjoy being Hepburn's foil - and flirting with her in the process.