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On the other hand, 5 July 2010

Well., I went and saw this movie w/ no knowledge of the animated series. And I turned around and watched it a second time.

Things I liked: * I liked most of the key actors; The key kid acts well enough to hold it together. * I like the fast paced story and forgive silly narrative in places where 2 spoken sentences covers massive ground. It feels like watching a Harry Potter movie - without having read the book first. * When I was a kid, I liked Never Ending Story and Star Wars; This felt like a cross between the two - even w/ a pho-Falcor and pho-Force. * The 3D - I like movies made in 3D which do NOT constantly flick stuff at you to show off the 3d. This movie simply uses it to make the world larger. * I like the idea of bending... * I love Ice.

Things I did not like: * The ending... If they do not finish the trilogy, I will see if I can change this to a 1. It ends on a somewhat contrived cliff hanger. * Most of the fight scenes seemed contrived. It feels like the movie wants epic fight scenes... but implements them with few actors poorly placed. In this, it as maybe 1 (small) notch above Eragan or Battlefield Earth - the two worst fight scene movies I can think of. I suggest doubling the number of stunt guys and actors, and halving the special effects...

That being said., It is in the top three movies I have seen this year (Train Dragon and Avatar being the other two)

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Like a Memory....., 28 April 2008

First things first, this is the slowest movie I have ever seen. Video shots are extremely long, and many shots are of the characters are of long mundane activities. It reminds me of sitting and chatting to friends on our porch for hours every evening in the south.

Yet I liked it. I found the move almost like a dream - and as I walked out of the theater, It was like I had been in Paris for the last week.

I would recommend this to anyone who is open to new experiences, or to see a glimpse of the world from a unique perspective. And if the magic buried in the subtle moments of life is food for your soul, this is your ticket.

If you want conflict, action, or comedy, this is not your pooch.

Aww heck., take the plunge - watch something unique, and do not bring a watch.