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Really bad jokes with gratuitous nudity., 14 April 2013

As others have already stated, its just a collection of rotten jokes (most with a sexual theme) that were already stale and outdated when this was made in 1975. I guess they figured it would be entertaining if it had nude women and men throughout, which I think it does. The jokes aren't funny in the 21st century and I doubt most of them got laughs in the 20th century but sometimes bad humor can be amusing if you enjoy the cheese factor. The nudity is there for the sake of nudity, it neither helps nor hinders the jokes.

Watch it for the 70's nostalgia or if you like bad movies, but its not high quality entertainment.

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Always fun to watch the windbag get put in his place., 13 April 2013

A nice start to season 3 even though from this point on we will never have a whole season as good as season 1 or 2. Its a treat to see Grammar acting cocky and getting put down, especially by a woman. He's lovably pompous and entertaining, as is the rest of the cast. Watching him adjust to change and fight with women on equal footing is hilarious. Bulldog and Gil are appropriately over the top as usual. Roz steps it up a notch and not only displays her seriously tough side, but also has a few nice zingers. Niles and Martin don't get to do much beside pick on Frasier but its still funny.

Season 3 follows with even more and better episodes but gets off to a nice start here.

Stag Party (1986)
The good old days, 2 March 2013

Back when more women were natural and fit and just liked to tease vs. whore themselves. This production is done on the premise a guy is getting a filmed bachelor party in Vegas, which I kind of doubt but it was amusing to watch. Him and hid buddies are teased by a variety of strippers. All the girls are hot, few have implants and each of them knows how to dance. Its fun and everyone else seems to be having a good time too. Only complaint is it was shot on video and hasn't aged well since the 80's. Also the DVD has a lot of stupid garbage on it and for some reason you cant skip passed all the intro stuff each time you play it.

Please be advised this presentation contains plenty of nudity, including brief full frontal.

Good if you like nostalgia, mediocre for actual tease or eroticism., 2 March 2013

Some of us recall a time when there was no 4chan and their goat porn. We remember an era when teasing was still fun and beautiful women dressed up just to shake their bodies at us and that was all we needed. This presentation takes us back to the good old days. Its a so-called contest but really just an excuse to have have gorgeous women dress up and show off. The girls are all hot and actually seem to know how to dance. More teasing than anything else, and you wont see much besides some nude upper bodies. But it is a lot of fun and nice to remember a simpler time. One caveat is it looks to have been shot on video. While masterfully restored for the DVD its a reminder that 80's video was a poor mans way of getting productions done, and never really meant for archiving or later restoration. The first season of Star Trek TNG looks better. I only mention that because it came out the same year. Also there's plenty of good soft-core porn from the same era which shows full nudity, if thats really your thing.

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One of the better season finales., 23 February 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Frasier had tons of good episodes in 11 seasons and the the premiers & finales were often particularly good. This one stands out as even better than most of those. The writing is solid, the jokes are funny, and it manages to be genuinely touching without getting overly mushy. They found a plausible excuse to have the lights out and actually use the fireplace which lends a certain atmosphere for the intimate conversation.

Much like the first season finale this one does a great job reflecting on the growth and changes happening with the characters and how they relate to each other. Frasier comes home expecting a nice evening and instead fixes everyone's issues. He even refers to Roz and Daphne as extended family.

A great episode and one that should be used as an example to folks who haven't yet seen the series and don't know what all the hype is about.

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Slow start to an otherwise excellent season., 22 February 2013

First off, almost all Frasier episodes are excellent, a cut above anything else on TV at the time. Having said that, this particular one isn't a very good example of the series. Its slow and tedious, and even worse not particularly funny. The vast majority of the jokes come in the first third and then it gets serious, but not in a particularly touching manner. The episode tries to come across as sweet and melancholy but really just falls flat. The last third is especially slow and free of any funny material. It is very nice to hear about the events which shaped Frasiers childhood but they did it in such a hammy way the view doesn't care much about his experiences.

Niles gets in a few zingers and has some more time getting close to Daphne, Martin has a couple of great lines, but overall its not enough to drag this episode up from mediocrity.

This is a shame as we are just coming off an excellent season finale (possibly the best of all 11 seasons) and the rest of season 2 is actually quite good. In fact it has some of the very best episodes of the entire series. But its a poor start and I wonder how many people may have quit watching early just because of this one.

If you consider yourself a fan you should probably see it for the sake of completeness and also some good insight into Frasiers character, just don't expect to be entertained. Luckily things improve a great deal in the next episode.

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Bad, and not in a fun campy way either., 25 November 2012

I really don't think we needed a sequel to the awful Showgirls almost 20 years after the fact.

Imagine Showgirls horrible acting and nonsense plot only even worse, along with a home camcorder and no budget for effects or proper editing. The video is horrible, the sound is horrible, it doesn't even have the hint of sensuality that Showgirls 1 failed to ultimately deliver. The only redeeming feature of this film is Rena Riffel looks just as good as she did back then, possibly even better. If this had been a little campier it could have gone into cult status. As such its just a really bad amateur film the world never needed.

If you need a T&A fix there's better movies, not the least of which is the unrated Showgirls.

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Probably the best you could do under the circumstances., 12 August 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I didn't rate it high just because I love Phil Hartman. The episode was genuinely good given the difficulty involved filming it. The show is known for not being at all sentimental but they managed to have an episode based on the death of a character & actor and NOT make it too sappy. They pay appropriate respects but also manage to be extremely funny. In fact this episode is much better than most of season 4 which kinda stunk by comparison. Its a shame that Phils last episode was the crummy Titanic story. But this one pays the appropriate amount of respect to the legendary comedian by being genuinely funny and no more sentimental than it needed to be, which is exactly what Phil would have wanted.

The fact this show couldn't last one whole season after his passing proves he really was the foundation of their little gang. And at no point do they ever fail to appreciate his contribution. God bless the News Radio cast & crew.

Best episode of season 1, 23 November 2011

If you need to know what KITH is all about, this episode will tell you everything. Includes several classic skits such as the Gay Vampire, the Mass Murderer, and others. Even the ones which aren't classic are still hilarious. This one exemplifies everything that is brilliant about The Kids, how even when they seem over the top there is actually a subtle quality of classy comedy in every line, dialog, and shot. All 5 of them poured their hearts into the performances and there's even a couple call back jokes which are supremely funny.

Watch just this one, and you will be hooked on the whole series, I promise.

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Possibly the worst episode of DS9., 16 October 2011

I am not a huge fan of any Ferengi heavy episode, especially one with the annoying mother (Moogi) or the grand Nagus (Wallace Shawn). I normally love his acting but he always plays it over the top annoying. The voice is especially bad and the dialog is always horrid. This particular one is incredibly unpleasant to watch. The tone is inconsistent, story is weak and pacing is poor. Watching so many Ferengi act feminine was embarrassingly unpleasant. I have heard a bunch of reasons why it fell flat, particularly the poor directing, but it stands to reason no one involved in the actual production liked working on the episode.

The charming and gorgeous Leeta is not enough to pull this stinker up. Its a horrible episode and out of 173 this one could easily be deleted from all records and I don't think too many people would miss it. Even Ferengi lovers would be disappointed this time.

I can forgive the actors and producers because this season contains so many excellent episodes, so it doesn't really pull the rest down.

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