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The comedy is great; rest is very dated, 10 December 2003

This is a romantic comedy that is funny in parts, but the romance story does not hold up well. Jean Parker plays a young woman who has an accident which causes her fiance to run out on her. James Dunn is the hero who woos her next and is not turned off by her "handicap" (according to the film). A very busy plot that was too melodramatic to hold my interest all that well. Una Merkel (fast-talking cynical dame) and Stu Erwin (country bumpkin oaf) are the comic relief, and they are as good as ever. But otherwise poor acting. Still, well worth seeing once - I caught it on TCM.

"Duet" (1987)
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A Lost Gem, 4 February 2002

A charming romance for the first season and a half. The writing is superb and likeable actors made this a pleasant series to watch.

Mary Page Keller in particular was magnificent to help make up for a wooden Matthew Laurance as the other lead. The supporting cast of Chris Lemmon and Alison LaPlaca are even better actors than the leads and Jody Thelen and Eileen Sorkin were effectively cartoonish contributors.

The series takes a romantic stroll from Ben (Laurance) and Laura's (Keller) first meeting through the ups and downs of courtship. And this is a very delightful courtship indeed! Unfortunately near the end of the second season, the series veered completely away from the last sense of reality. Great stories and good laughs.

I wish I could get this series on video. When will Nick or TVLand start airing this wonderful program? (Please!)