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One of my favorite movies, 25 June 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I read the play in school before I watched the movie, and I liked the play so much that I rented the movie from the library. Considering that I was very excited to see it and had extremely high expectations, it's pretty amazing that there was no let-down whatsoever when I actually watched the movie.

A teenager living in a slum is charged for the murder of his father, using a knife. Although Juror #8 convinces everyone by the end that the kid is innocent, there is tons of evidence stacked up against him. I was easily convinced that the kid was innocent, but I know several people who watched the movie from start to finish and still thought he was guilty. I love the movie and consider it one of my top five favorite movies, but I think it's a little unrealistic. I don't understand how Juror #3, who personally wants the kid to die, and Juror #10, who discriminates against slum people by nature, could be swayed to vote not guilty, since even my parents and some people in my English class couldn't be swayed.

Despite that, I really love this movie. I think it's incredible that people can be so interested in a movie that takes place in one room and where you don't know the characters names. It just shows how good the script and acting was.


Better the second time!, 25 June 2007

The first time I watched this movie at a friend's house, I thought it was kind of annoying, especially the first song. It got better as the movie went on, but I didn't like it enough to rent it or buy it myself. Then a month ago my brother got it for his 9th birthday. I liked it a lot more the second time I watched it, because I understood the plot better. I could watch the "Goody Bandit" for clues that the bandit was actually him/her. I also noticed the little things that made the stories overlap, which made the movie much funnier than the first time I watched it.

I thought the movie was very clever and that the jokes in it would be funny to people of all ages. The only part of the movie that people might not like is the squirrel, who adults mostly think is annoying. But kids think he's funny, so it doesn't matter too much.