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A Rarely Funny and Original Comedy, 18 July 2007

The first time I saw this show was the one where Tobias sold his wedding ring for money to buy leather to be "in" with his daughter. I didn't get it. I mean, Tobias looked kind of creepy, and everyone on the show just seemed so... dysfunctional. That was about a year ago. Lately, I saw a couple episodes online and I have to say, it's now my all time favorite show! I actually think it may even be better than "The Office". I mean the characters are all so dynamic and funny and just so unpredictable. Everything, from the way they talk, to their voice, to their appearance just cracks me up. GOB is my favorite character. There isn't a single character that I hate, which doesn't happen often for me. Just when I finally found a smart, hilarious show that I can fall in love with, I looked it up online and found out that it was already canceled. I guess I have myself and the rest of America to blame for missing out on this awesome show. I have heard of this show before so many times before and I think I got it confused with some other show, that's why I never sought out to watch it. Anyways, I'm glad I didn't miss out on this great show, all thanks to the miracle of the internet. I'm watching an episode as I write this. I advise anyone who is wondering about this show to watch it right away and don't judge on too soon because it only gets better!

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What's so bad about it??, 15 July 2007

I guess I'm just too young to understand what makes a "good movie". I'm still a teenager right now, so around the time Tom and Jerry the Movie was released, I was around 5 or 6.

The wonderful melodies and songs in that movie are still haunting to me ( in a good way) to this day. I love Robyn's song "I miss you" and every time I hear it I feel like crying because it makes me think of my dad and how sad I would be if he wasn't there.

I loved every character in the movie. How could you not? they're all goofy and wonderful and can completely crack your children up. Show this film to any child in America and I guarantee you it will light a smile on there face.

I guess some adults just want to get all technical. Tom and Jerry may be a short cartoon that likes playing dirty tricks on each other, but this film really expanded on that and I don't think there was any other script that could have made it better.

Who cares if none of the grown ups liked this movie? I recently showed it to my nieces and nephews and just hearing the laughter that comes out of them lightens me up.

An advice to those who has never seen this film and is watching it for the first time: Set aside what you think should be a Tom and Jerry movie! Just think like a kid and you'll laugh like a kid!! Oh, and the reason I gave this movie a 10 for excellent is to balance out all the low points that others have given it... I seriously don't see what is so bad about this film!! I love it!!

"The Swan" (2004)
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Define "Ugly"., 27 June 2007

This was a terrible show. Women who cuts and replace their faces just to fit into a society that has 'standards' on what's beautiful and what's not. The worst part is, even after being made 'beautiful', these most of these women are then told that they still aren't beautiful enough. All "The Swan" really is, is a big beauty pageant, where they take these "ugly" women and make a big soap opera out of it and place it on television for all to see. This show is not making these women more beautiful. The only message it's sending out to other females is that if we don't look like a swan, then we should all get plastic surgery to fix every "flaw" on our face.

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Roll with laughter, 23 June 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film was very funny if you look into it's humor. I give this a 10 for excellent because it sure made me roll with laughter. You can also watch it because it is now a public domain film. The story starts out with Tony Paige who used to be a truck driver. Now he is America's heartthrob singer also known as "America's Boyfriend". He meets a girl named June Delaney while he was trying to escape from screaming female fans. She helps him escape but the fans still clawed their way to him. Days later his agent comes to place an insurance policy on Tony, in case he ever gets married. It just so happens that Ms. Delaney works at this insurance place. They test Tony out to see if he falls for woman easily, but as soon as he sees June, his heart beats faster. June figures out that Tony only like girls who doesn't fall for his image easily so she tricks him into falling in love with her. He does and she falls for him also. He finds out it was all a con and decides to marry a Swedish actress. She stages a kidnapping to get him back, but that turns out badly and she really does get kidnapped. He goes after her and rescues her and in the meantime they got married to buy some time to get away from the bad guys. The police comes, they stay married and become known as the "American Singing Sweethearts". Everyone lives happily ever after.