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Considering……..?, 21 June 2014

Considering this film is clearly influenced by John Carpenters The Thing, I mean, the sound design and score were basically remixed to create the mood for this film. Its actually decent and I will tell you why. Some jokes out there never look at the production design of a film, they say things like, Typical Slasher flick or some nonsense. When in truth, they don't know what they are talking about.

This film has plenty to like, the effects are actually pretty decent, and a few OMG parts. Does it look like Peter Jacksons BAD TASTE at times with the rubber head exploding, sure, but any good fun loving horror fan will get a kick out of the splatter. Also, its rare to see a slasher flick be an alien flick. Usually its some deranged guy killing folk, so to see its an alien is refreshing. Its clearly a film that does not take itself to serious and therefore you are aloud to have some fun and say "seriously, that is so cliché" but a part of me things that the writer director did this on purpose, or at least I hope so. The whole production design is wonderful, it takes place in Maine and you clearly get that you are in Maine, I have been to Maine, so I know this to be true. From the clothes to the locations. Well done.

you might be asking, if I liked it so much, why only a 4…..? Well, Acting and Dialogue. The acting all around stinks, it looks like this guy got everyone he knew, friends and family and just put them in the film. Would be 10 times better with better performances, I did not buy any of them. Also, because its an Alien film, you can get away with no nudity, and we only get one quick boob shot. Could be more considering what happens… (watch to find out) Then, dialogue - it is terrible, unbelievable and un-natural. new film makers always suffer from the same thing, too much dialogue, when film making is show me, not tell me. The interacting between the characters with words is forced exposition, and usually tells us what we already know, there is not much suspense to the film. Its a get some beer, popcorn and watch the blood flow sorta film. I got what I was expecting, so I had fun with it. Its worth it if your bored.

Now, if you still nee more convincing, these are the films that it clearly resembles and even took ideas from - The Thing, Alien, Fire in the Sky and Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Some of the same effects, ideas, sound and score were duplicated but with a lower budget. Considering the low budget, it is why I enjoyed it.

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Uggg, 20 March 2014

So, um, yeah.. What good can be said of this movie? I am going with nothing. The film is so predictable and terrifyingly bad, it makes me wonder who the heck produces this garbage. Lets start with the story, or lack thereof. A bunch of kids get taken and put into some contraptions where they can talk to each other and try to figure out who and why they are there. One by one they die in the most boring way imaginable. The reason they are there is OBVIOUS and the bad guy is so OBVIOUS because the amount of attention put to the guy they want you to believe is the bad guy is so over blown you know it is not him. The little boxes they are put in are so ridiculously flimsy that only a moron can't get out of them. The acting - ugh, some of the worst since watching Kristen Stewart stare her way through Twilight.. The found footage follow me videotape this whole thing as we are earthing for our friends is never a good idea because in that situation, who would really take the time to video themselves searching for their friends? Not to mention all the little static transition scenes that only take away from the building up tension. This film is to be missed at all costs..

Rabid Love (2013)
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Above average for what it is., 4 March 2014


There are a ton of horror films out there nowadays, but what separated this from the new age of mostly junk is the obvious throw back to the time when horror was great, the 80s. I don't think this film was meant to surprise you with something you have never seen, but rather introduce the younger crowd to a time when horror films were fun, enticing and interesting. The performances were pretty darn good, the story is a simple story that is not out to confuse you and take you away from the overall experience of watching a horror film. The few small issues are special effects which with a low budget you can oversee cause the story is fun and the lack of nudity in such films. You put a bunch of hot girls in a horror film and not show the goods, sorta a bummer. However, these small problems are insignificant to the amount of fun you will have watching this.

Again, considering the junk flowing around out there now, Paul Porter and his crew stumbled on to the right mix of humor, horror and 80s that is missing from horror fins today..

Bwahahah, 23 February 2014

ha, Holy crud. I remember auditioning for the role of Tee for this film under the title Delta Knights. I remember butchering it so bad. Then a year later, I saw it in the video store and rented it and thanked God I didn't get the part. …. The dialogue was so terrible and in the audition they had me pretend I am looking at a mountain wall looking for a cave or something. I tried to speak with a British accent and failed terribly. Ha. I remember watching and thinking to myself that I cannot believe films this bad get funding. Not to mention a few known actors. but a paycheck is a paycheck. But the director went on to produce Chronicle. some years later.

RoboCop (2014)
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Robocop Fails Everywhere..., 16 February 2014

Let me start by saying I was apprehensive of a reboot, remake whatever since the original is still amazing today. However, the trailer looked good and I liked that they had maintained the look of the original. Soooooo

That is where the similarities stop. This new Robocop starts out promising, building up who is who and though I think they spent WAY to long on that part, I didn't mind until…….. The way Murphy get hurt.. HUH! How boring, lame, and unrealized. Not violent, not even exciting. Stupid comes to mind. We spent 20 minutes building up the characters, a bit long but knowing the action will come I am still alright, then Murphy goes down in the weakest, most pathetic way. OK, its over, move on, make Robocop and then let him kick arse. Now, we spend the next hour and 15 minutes in a political drama about robots in our community and training Robocop. Nothing of note happens here. NOTHING. So now, we have watched one hour and 35 minutes and still NO ACTION. Just a couple of bad guys get caught very boring like.

Then, Robocop goes after the guy that put him down originally. The most ANTICLIMACTIC SCENE in the history of revenge scenes. WAIT FOR IT.. Were not done. Robocop learns that some cops are bad, which of course we knew from the opening scene of the movie. So he goes after them, captures them without a fight.

WAIT FOR IT - we learn there is a higher cop calling some shots… Again, no fight, captured..

WAIT FOR IT - now, the company wants to terminate Robocop cause he has human within him.. So he goes after the heads of the company, again, NO ACTION… Its over..

This film was only good looking visually, but there is barely ANY ACTION.. Its a SNOOZE FEST… Bring your girl and make out in the back during this film.. That is all it is good for.

"Coma" (2012)
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The problem with COMA, 13 February 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


So the I finally sat down to watch this 3 hour epic on DVD. Saw the billboards and stuff all around town and I love me some Tony and Ridley Scott. I also like medical thrillers, like Anatomy, Antiviral, Nightwatch and more.

To Coma - What I liked - I loved the cinematography, the performances were great, the suspense was well built and the FEW twists within it were well done. All the technical aspects of this show ere top notch, I would expect nothing less from the Scott brothers. (Tony - RIP)

A HUGE problem with the film, the pace and knowledge of the main character - Speaking from EXP as I spent 14 years in the military in the medical field, the pace of how this STUDENT uncovered the issue at hand is astounding and really, NOT STUDENT LIKE. So logistically there are TONS of problems with the film. All the evidence she found was so easy and yet they could not contain or remove her before it got out of hand yet they can put JAMES WOODS in an elaborate car accident? James Woods, who was apart of the whole thing (or was he, this is never revealed) Just because the main girls father was a doctor and supposed starter of this project does not mean the granddaughter will suddenly be smarter than all the other students and catch on. Geena Davis who looks like BOTOX on steroids in this film has a mental, killer patient who kinda makes no sense and his character is never truly explained. So he killed a young girl, so he is on meds now and does her bidding. Yet can't kill a female medical student? uhhh OK! I could go on with a lot of the logistics of the show.

Now - to the overall story. I get that they are putting specific people in Comas. I get that there are experiments on those in the coma. trying to cure disease or find better ways to treat them. I get it. What I don't get is why take NORMAL HEALTHY FOLKS coming in for cyst removals and have them suddenly go into a coma? That only draws attention which with the amount mentioned in the film in such a short span not even the facilitates ethics committee could hide from HIPPA and the federal government which requires you to report such anomalies. You could not keep this contained to the hospital alone. Richard Dryfeuss character is never fully realized. What exactly they were doing in the facility was never fully explained. Kind of a round about answer. and FINALLY

What was with the pregnancies that the old lady was doing. How the heck was she getting female coma patients pregnant and WHY?

In the end - A good looking medical thriller that had wonderful performances but lacked any explanation as to WHY its all happening. Not to mention she had friends at the beginning of the show that mysteriously didn't materialize during the last hour. Odd.

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meh, 14 January 2014

I am rating it a 5 because of the last 20 minutes, the cinematography, and the nice little twist, even though after a bit, you figure it out.

The dialogue is horrible, the shot selection and directing is inconsistent and the acting, other than the main girl and the main bad guy is horrendous. The only inventive part was the blender scene, that was kind cool, although blood is not brown and that is what it looked like. The only strong character was the main girl, other than that, there is no development at all so really, we don't care about any of the characters and we kinda actually hope they die. The mom was a terrible choice in casting, must be a family friend of the writer or director. She cannot act. The father had moments, but as soon as he spoke, he was unconvincing. If your bored on a Saturday night and its on showtime or something, grab some popcorn and hang out, there are moments that deliver, but few.

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Decent indie Film, 20 November 2013

For an indie thriller this film is quite good. A bit slow throughout and a little bit weak on performance but the story is solid. The dialog is well written. THe over all feeling from the minor score gives off a good vibe, or rather suspenseful vibe. Interesting story that through exposition you learn, no subtext at all in this film but since the exposition is so far and few between it is acceptable, after so long, another clue is given, but nothing more.. So I applaud the film makers for that approach.

The negatives, as I said, some weak performances, mainly the father who has zero charisma. Even in depression and fear, there is charisma within a performance. Some questions are never answered, or rather the supernatural answers are never given. The cinematography is the weakest point for me. It looked like they used practical lighting for everything. It does not compliant the story at all. I think some more time and energy should have gone into the look of the film. The story is so good that you want it to look better.

However, even with the negatives of the film, it is still a sold film and well worth watching if you like slow paved thrillers with a twist. Well done.

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Interesting, reminds me of Breakfast at Tiffany's, 12 November 2013

I ver much liked this film despite the lack of closure. It had an ending but not closure. Not a fan of Ambiguous endings.

With that being said, this film reminds me of Breakfast at Tiffany's. Its about a the deterioration of the mind. What causes it? Stress. We are witnessing the brains mental capabilities literally decline and basically shut down due to stress. We see how her brain makes her see things and do things that are not what she would normally do. What aspects are real, what aspects are not? I would not call this a horror film by any means though, more of a psychological thriller. I think it is very good but I see how the common viewer would be turned off by more of a thoughtful and less shocking movie. Its not a fast paced, who done it thriller or a slasher film.

Well done.

Resolution (2012/III)
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Not Satisfying and not fulfilling but Good, 11 November 2013

I bought and watched this film because the box cover said that it is like Cabin in the Woods but better. Will blow your mind.

I really wish they would not have done this because it is nothing like that film and no where near as good of a story. With that being said, it is still a good film because it shows real promise and talent. The dialogue is well done, They kept the whole film on the cheap, as an indie film maker, there is nothing in this film that would make me think it cost 1 million dollars. This film can be made for 100 grand. I mean, one central location, few cast, no special effects. No reason to cost 1 mil. Someone got ripped off. The Cinematography is basic school level photography, looks like it was DSLR, 5 D or something. Basic coverage of a scene, nothing to write home about. There are some good elements that make you wonder what the heck is going on and really fuels you to want to watch more.

The problem, you never learn anything about why its all happening. The overall story is so muddled and convoluted that when it ends your like HUH? I don't get it, was it a demon, was it a spirit, was it the french kids from 30 years ago. You never learn WHY it happened. Its a shame too cause it could have had a much better ending. one that tied the whole story up. It just had some random moments like I can't bring this home to my wife, bring WHAT home? If it would have given me the WHY it happened and WHO was doing it? My rating would easily jump to a 7-8…

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