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Ghajini (2008)
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Aamir roars in Ghajini., 24 December 2008

Ghajini is an out an out action thriller set at the backdrop of romance and revenge drama. Its almost a frame 2 frame remake of Tamil hit Ghajini, which was originally inspired by Memento. Since I loved both the versions. It was difficult to expect anything newer or better from the Hindi version. So the verdict would mostly revolve around "did the makers ensure the benchmarks are met". Its a definite 'A' for being able to meet the gigantic expectations. No, the director has not disappointed you.

The high points are the few thrills that are part of the narrative, the edge of the seat kinds.

While avoiding comparisons, Aamir is done a terrific job playing a confused and furious person in search of the killer of girl friend. His corporate getup was styled differently and looks convincing. I can already sense, the style being a rave shortly in the corporate dressing. His toned up body looks fab, and justifies few of the over the top fights.

Asin has won my heart again, din't think she would be able to do so, repeating the feat she did 2 years ago. In few of the reels she literally stole the movie from Aamir. The climax is different and is better picturised.

Overall when you leave the theatre you do feel if you missed something.. I can only sum up the following could be why i felt so..

1. I knew the story and could predict the dialogues in advance. 2. The length was a mild problem 3. The action sequences looked dated in parts, one blow and 4 on the ground. 4. The originals were too good to repeat it.

Oh I wished, I had the bliss of not having watched the originals, to take a fresh look at it.

For the humongous effort of the team, go watch it if you are hungry for masalas beyond cakes and wine this holiday season..

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Funny !, 8 October 2008

Kal Penn has done it again. The premise was set perfectly and the movie took us through the different oddities about the paranoid and mad ways of American reactions to war against terror. These two gentlemen are put behind bars and sent of Guantanama Bay. The journey begins there and its a fun ride ahead. The movie apart from being rip roaring funny, also brings out lot of mistaken or rather true clichés of American society. Be it geographical ethnic or even racist. The sensitive subjects are treated pretty nicely. I should say hilariously too. The expression Kal Penn brings about for different situations are perfect and fits the scenes very well. Trust me he's got a funny looking face.

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Nice comic time pass., 8 October 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Well its a little more than time pass. The film starts of with a bunch of underage kids playing dare sex games. Its here that during a petty fight our leading actor is cursed with a hex that, whenever he had sex with his girlfriend she would find her true love in the next guy she dates. This becomes a legend. And girls start queuing up to have sex with him. However he is never able to convince the girl he likes to fall in love with him. Dane cook as Charlie the dentist has a convincing role. He's essayed it pretty nicely from a man who's ready to satisfy any woman he meets , to the smothering boyfriend. His funny acts do tickle few funny bones of the viewer. In her part, Jessica was brilliant as this held up girl reserved about being emotionally available and a disaster for the folks and things around her. Other actors have done decent jobs, especially Charlie's boob fanatic friend Stu.

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Nice heart warming romantic comedy, 8 October 2008

As I summarized in the title, this one is a nicely directed and acted movie. The characters are given enough time and focus and they grow on you and you start recognizing them as one of us. Peter is this not so smart but extra sensitive lover of a popular TV star. Sarah is the one who walks out of his life. But circumstances prevail and they end up seeing each other almost every moment. The plot gets interesting and thicker and the proceedings keeps you guessing if they will get back together again. A good weekend afternoon watch. A word of caution there is quite amount of female as well as male nudity. The funny moments are present here and there and it does bring a smile on you, if not a loud laughter.

Hancock (2008)
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This is a must watch .., 11 July 2008

I was surprised, yes true, if you have mamoth expectations don't expect. But the surprise factors are what touched me. Back in India it released today, got a chance to catch the preview show last night, it was fun.

For starters, It takes a whole new take on superheroes and how screwed or messed their life can be, inspite of having all the powers of the world. I must agree to many comments summarizing it as Superhero yet Human. Charlez Theron looks hot in her sequences, perhaps could have opened her character at least a little in initial reels.

The pace and the humor on the proceedings are spot on, arguably there are very few talented stars with the impeccable comic timing, as Will Smith, portrays on screen.

Its a must watch even if you loved superhero movies or even hated them. The makers should be credited for creative risk they have taken for the same.