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Refreshing as a cool shower on a sizzling Summers day!, 23 August 2013

Despite a rural/country setting of 'Crazy For You', the story which also involves big city bankers, finds this revised Gershwin musical originally presented in the 1930's as 'Girl Crazy' to be an outstanding production that PBS aired in 1999. The production presented in a New Jersey theatre and performed by very talented group of singers and dancers known as the Paper Mill Playhouse, excel in all respects. The choreography by Susan Stroman will leave you in awe and the terrific orchestra backing them all is worthy of sustained applause. I was fortunate to have videotaped the telecast. Since it has not had a commercial release, I will entertain sharing it with other devotees of this sparkling show.

Shimmer (1993)
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SHIMMER ( 1993)- American Playhouse, 20 September 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This 1993 American Playhouse "Shimmer" is among my favorite TV specials on VHS going back to 1983. I have recently viewed it while doing a transfer of it (and of others) to DVD-R disc, and the quality is very good. Program is in color and has a running time of approx 95 minutes.(I had all but forgotten what a powerful and sentimental play it is. ) stars Mary Beth Hurt, Markus Klemp and Elijah Shepard .

"Shimmer', a story of the power of imagination. Two teenage boys locked away in a 1950s Iowa juvenile home, dream a way to take flight from their surroundings by creating 'shimmer'- a magical way of looking at the world. It takes them on a journey to a home they have wished for but have never known. *** Viewer discretion advised *** ***************************** Plot Synopsis- (may have spoilers-) Spacy Callahan (Klemp) has two problems. In the first place, he's a young teen, which is difficult enough. In the second place, he has been placed "for his own good" in an Iowa juvenile facility which has more than a passing resemblance to a military prison. If a boy breaks one of the innumerable rules of the place, they get placed in a situation where the will probably be sexually molested by their jailer Mr. Kibby, while he quotes Bible verses at them. He has a friend, though, a boy named Gary (Shepard), and together they make the best of things. That is, until it becomes clear that a clueless young inmate could make things really difficult for them - really difficult. They decide to escape their rural confinement and look up Spacy's mother (Hurt), who has finally divorced Spacy's abusive, alcoholic father. ( If interested in obtaining a copy of this extremely rare movie please feel free to contact me at ( In Canada). Regards. Gil.

The Last Dance (2000) (TV)
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The Last Dance, 9 January 2012

This is an awesome movie. What a way for Maureen O'Hara to end her film career with this glowing, enchanting and beautifully haunting story.... Albeit this 'made for TV' effort is worthy of high praise, Australian Kevin Dowling's direction is outstanding as are all portrayals. (Check out another of his gems: 'The Sum Of Us'). The story, as reviewed by other contributors, is believable, has a moral tone that makes it perfect for younger folk. The theme demands special mention as many viewers will be in or close to the senior age level: How to accept that there is a proper time to dispose of one's lifelong possessions and pass them on to others who would not only value them, but extend their lifespan, does offer excellent advice.. City dumps are already overloaded!. I was fortunate enough to have recorded this movie on VHS tape at the time CBS aired it in 2000. On the evening prior to it's telecast, O'Hara was the special guest on Larry King Live. Again, just by chance, I was able to preserve this remarkable interview on VHS tape. O'Hara at 80 is full of life, humor and has definite perspectives on her life, film career and the male actors she starred with. Both presentations are part of my extensive collection of 'treasures' now virtually impossible to find and buy. Anyone interested? Contact me at ( In Canada) .Thanks for reading.

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This Johann Strauss bio-pic is well done and most enjoyable!, 8 March 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Johann Strauss,Sr played by Brian Ahearn, is believable. The late Kerwin Mathews' role as Johann, Jr, is excellent and quite a contrast to his action-adventure films from the same period. As in most film biographies of musical composers, Hollywood ( and Disney) take many liberties, intending mostly to capture the mood and flavor of the era (in this case Vienna of the mid-to late 19th Century). The story is well crafted and it is nice to see that Johann's younger brother Josef (Peter Krauss)a more timid lad and also a composer of lesser renown, is encouragingly portrayed. The singing of Strauss' music by Senta Berger is not on par with the legendary Miliza Korjus ( 1938's 'THE GREAT WALTZ' ) or German coloratura soprano Erna Sack, but is engaging, intelligent and much more than adequate in a 'made-for-tv' film. In North America it's TV presentation was split over two Sunday evenings,whereas in Europe it had a successful run in movie theaters.

IT IS A SUPERB FAMILY MOVIE- one that I am happy to have in my collection. RUNNING TIME IS 94 MINUTES - COLOR. If interested in a copy to DVD from an original mint VHS, feel free to contact me at above email address.

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Heartfelt and sentimental performances with musical delights., 30 June 2006

I have finally found the title to this 1941 film after many searches! Now, if I could only find out where to purchase, or view this little gem once again... I vividly remember seeing this movie in the church hall of my small hometown, when I was 11 or 12 years old. In spite of the rattling and clicking sound of the Bell and Howell 16mm projector, the wonderful music in the soundtrack impressed me. The story was appealingly told and even as youngster, the emotional impact of the boy dealing with the divorce of his parents made me most sympathetic.

I was learning piano at the time and a friend, the violin. To our great surprise, the young boy in the film's finale dazzlingly executed variations on Brahms' Hungarian Dance No.5 - a piece my friend was attempting to learn. I hoped the credits would reveal the name of the actual performer, and then find a 78 rpm recording of it at the local record shop. I never did find it, but in time I did get to appreciate the art of the film's classical violinist, Toscha Siedel. His name is still well etched in my mind after nearly 60 years!

Another exciting portion depicted in the film was the boy visiting a large US city. While visitng a recording studio there, he was shown and demonstrated the new far fetched invention, television. My, I then thought of this as pure science fiction. There is not much else I can describe but these two special moments remain vividly in my memory. Now, to keep looking and praying it will be issued on DVD some day.. Dreaming? I hope not.