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"Haunted" (2002)
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Kick butt show that's both scary and intriguing, 2 October 2002

I've seen the first two episodes of the show so far and I am majorly hooked. Whoever wrote that pilot should be commended because I am hooked. Ever since the Sixth Sense, everyone just assume that these ghosts should just "jump out and tell what's wrong." I think the way the show works it is so much better since you are dealing with spirits entering this weird dimension where they are stuck between worlds. Personally I had always thought the shaggy haired, 7 o'clock shadow Matthew Fox from Party of Five was a major toolbag until I saw this show. He's proven me wrong and stepped up to deliver a great performance in very well developed role.

Personally, I hope that people start tuning in and supporting this show (like you Buffy and X-File fans out there) and avoid another sad incident of shows killed way before their time (like Brisco County jr and Lone Gunmen).

Pumpkin (2002)
Not really sure what it was trying to be., 2 February 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I saw this movie last summer in 2001 at a screening. The first half starts off funny enough like the previous reviewer said. Swain also has some really funny moments in the movie. The second half though just goes way to over the top for me. What started out as satire in the first half turns into a weird overblown farce. I believe two different directors worked on this picture and it shows. I don't agree with the previous reviewer either that the film doesn't make fun of the handicap. It was doing that until the horrible near ending of the movie where a special olympic event goes on. It meant to go for cheap laughs but to me ended up looking tasteless and way unfunny. I have no way of explaining how ridiculous second half of the movie without mentioning this scene so


A guy drive off a cliff, the car blows up in mid air, and you later see him without a scratch but he will never walk again.

Then the movie just gets worse from there. Maybe they made some changes since I last saw it.