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House of fun :-), 8 February 2009

I think this one of the not too many funny horror movies from the 80's.

As a horror 'die' hard in the 80's I've seen a lot of crappy horror movies, a lot of good, scary movies but just a few horror movies with such a comedic background in th story.

It is still great to look at the movie now, more than 20 years later. Although the scary effects of the 80's are less than today.

The most fun is the old grandpa who seems to find all kind of ways to get into crazy situations all the time.

And the crystal skull is great! I've tried to get one of those after I saw the movie the first time. And finally after 12 years found one that was payable for me :)

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Entertaining movie..., 8 February 2002

The move is entertaining but looks like a very low budget movie. It is most likely ment to be a cult movie, but never really got that status (to my point of view). The story is simple, the music, performed by Queen, is great. I think Queen wasn't very happy with this movie either, but the music did boost up the movie :) Anyway, you like it, or you don't. When you ar young you will like it, but when you mature, you no longer like it so much :)

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It doesn't come close to the original!, 8 February 2002

This was a long awaited movie for me, but i felt betrayed after seeing it :( It doesn't even come close to the level of its predecessor. If you didn't see the first movie, you might like TBB2K but i recomend you see the original! You will like it even better :)

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This one is an old-time classic!, 2 February 2002

I've seen this movie for more than 50 times and still it is a great movie.. The way everything is realisticly 'sphered' is just great! For example, if you wait for a train and it takes 10 minutes, then the movie shows you what happens that 10 minutes... Just great! You must see it (have a lot of patience!), and you might love it! You should take the time to enjoy the movie and don't try to rush into the move... Or you might oversee some details, which connect to plots in the movie..