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Interesting historical tale
17 March 2017
For those who like to research about history and culture of different countries, North Korea is still a big mystery. While reading about the Kim dynasty the other day, I discovered little is known about Kim Jong- un, the "Supreme Leader" of the country. It is scaring to know this these days of internet and open information.

If NK government can do this today, we figure out how easy it was to do this decades ago. And it is on this idea 'The Lovers and the Despot' focus on. It was a time when Kim Jong-un's father, Kim Jong-il, had absolute power over North Koreans and, among other things, used cinema to spread the idea North Korea should be an example of success and democracy.

Seeing this, watch "The Lovers and the Despot" and learn a bit more about this mysterious country.
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Nine Lives (I) (2016)
Clichés turned into an interesting movie
11 March 2017
When I read about 'Nine Lives' I thought this would be a film to see with my six-year-old son. However, intending to check it before watching with him, I realised the movie is not exactly aimed at kids. Because of information on business and administration of big companies, the film seems to be designed for older spectators. Besides, although it is a comedy, several other moments showing family adult problems give the movie a more serious flavour.

Another good aspect of the film is the acting of Jennifer Gardener and Kevin SPacey, which add a lot to the film. Christopher Walken, as always, does a great job. This time he plays something very similar to what he did in 'Click'.

To summarise the whole things I tell you to try 'Nine Lives'.
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A Must See
11 March 2017
Among the many kinds of films, biographical dramas are the ones which generally result in great movies. Well, at least the ones directed by great movie makers like Bertolucci.

'The Last Emperor' is great because, besides Bertolucci's direction, it has a plot that catches our attention since minute one and things flow naturally all through the 2h 43 of projection.

Also, 'The Last Emperor' has beautiful photograph, good acting and an interesting historical background to lean on.

Worth watching!
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Scream 4 (2011)
Good film
28 February 2017
How can a film be good when it has got so many clichés? Well, Scream 4 is good because of the action scenes and the many turns we see in the plot. Believe me, don't think everything is over until it is really over, meaning the credits popping up the screen.

The countless clichés do not spoil the movie. It is the other way around. The dejá vu - another French term used here to disguise the word "cliché" - give Scream 4 a hilarious taste.

So, that it. Scream 4 is horror, action and comedy at the same time. It is not to be taken so seriously but you should not merely think this is just another American horror production.

Worth watching.
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Football as a way to ask for democracy
8 February 2016
Here in Brazil football is the most popular sport and nearly everyone in the country likes a team. And many take this passion as a religion. It may sound like an exaggeration, but that's the way this sport is seen within our borders.

"Democracia em Preto e Branco", which can be literally translated as "Democracy in Black and White", goes beyond it, and shows that football can - or at least could at that time - be deeply involved with politics.

Actually, the film deals with one of the most beautiful moments of our history, the fight for democracy and for the right to vote for president.

More specifically, the movie is about the democratic way Sport Club Corinthians Paulista, the most popular and successful club in São Paulo and certainly of the biggest football powers in Brazil, took its decisions, both in football and in the administration.

At that time, when Brazil was under the 21 year dictatorship of military government, the players could give opinion about hirings, decided to eliminate concentration before games and freely defined that prizes should be equally shared not only among athletes, but also with all the other employees (drivers, janitors, bodyguards, laundry people...)

At the games, the team played with its traditional black and white T- shirts (the colours described in the title of the movie) saying "Corinthians Democracy" and "on the 15th of November, vote". Those were things no other club or any other sport institution dared to at that time.

"Democracia em Preto e Branco" is a film everybody should see, for it is not only about football or sport. It's about freedom and the right to take decisions democratically.
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8 February 2016
As a 40-year-old guy, I was - alright, I still am - a big funny of Snoopy and Charlie Brown. Also, my wife and now our son are big fans of this fantastic Schultz creation.

Seeing this, "Peanuts Movie" was a great holiday programme. And we all enjoyed it for the film is a great tribute to the classic strips and the unforgettable cartoons. The plot is very loyal to the original stories and the technology used to make the movie resembled the strip design.Simply great.

Will there be a sequence? I do hope so! Get to the cinema (later on, buy / rent the DVD/blu ray, find it on NetFlix) right now!
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Great Brazilian Film
8 February 2016
There is no doubt Brazilian cinema is not only good, but also gets bigger every year. Also, it is very clear that this country film industry has invested in higher budget productions and many of famous TV actors and actress have participated in successful movies, what is great for this growth of our cinema.

"Operações Especiais" - I wonder how it was called internationally - deals with organised crime and corruption in a small town near Rio de Janeiro. Although it is a very common problem in Brazil, it is also a typical subject in American police films.

And it is in this link with the USA that "Operações Especiais" is built. The dialogues, with jokes and some ironic comments, remind us of typical American films lines. Also, cameras position and special effects are clearly influenced but those made in Hollywood

But in no way am I saying this Americanization is a bad thing for the country productions. Provided the movie makers don't forget to come up with the traditional films dealing with Brazilian culture from time to time, the USA like films are welcome for they attract investors to the studios and also bigger and bigger audiences to movie theatres.
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Worth Watching
10 August 2010
Great documentary about a rich young man who ended up being a criminal. Because of his daring attitudes - like giving interviews to radio while he was running away from the police - he called attention from people and made his escape a TV show and made him an instantaneous celebrity who attracted media attention.

This documentary, directed by acclaimed Brazilian actor Reginaldo Farias, brings interviews with Pareja while he was in prison. Pareja talks about numerous topics and spills hard critics on authorities and processes that imprisoned him.

Leonardo Pareja's fame didn't last long but the film is worth watching.
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Beautiful simplicity
16 December 2007
Amacio Mazzaropi became famous in Brazil in the early 50's for starring films where the typical Brazilian hill-billy was the protagonist. During his long career, that finished in 1981 when he died, his starred (and in many times also produced, wrote and directed) thirty-four films. His accent, costume and funny walk were his trademarks.

In "Tapete Vermelho" Matheus Nachtergaele plays Quinzinho, a hill- billy who decides to leave his small farm with his family and go to town to see a Mazzaropi film. He doesn't know exactly where he is going to see the movie, but he had promised his father he would take his own son to see a Mazzaropi film and is now ready to do it. He believes there must be a Mazzaropi's film playing somewhere. Quinzinho's wife doesn't like the idea of travelling looking for a cinema, but follows him anyway. Their son and donkey complete the team in this search.

In the first town they found no movie theatre, but carry on. During their trip they face many problems and get involved with many different people. The towns they go and the people they see teach them the evils and beauties of the cities, things that will change their lives forever.

Nachtergaele makes Quinzinho a personification of Mazzaropi himself, speaking, dressing and walking like the famous actor. Sometimes we think Mazzaropi came back to life and is working again.

During the film we, the spectators, also learn about life in the country, where people use their own vocabulary, have their typical dances, believe in supernatural things and have a great faith in God.

The films is then an enchanting portrait of the beauty of the simplicity where the countrymen happily live.
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Beautiful Comedy
8 December 2006
First of all, the word "beautiful" on the title of my comment is directed to the two actresses who star this very nice film: Paloma Duarte and Mariana Ximenes. Acclaimed by the critics as talented players of Brazilian television, these two girls have also made nice jobs in cinema. Their beauties make good pair with the great ability to play different roles and the result could be nothing but a good movie.

The pace of "Muito Gelo e Dois Dedos D'Água" is nice and the situations are funny, once the story combines unexpected facts with ordinary pieces of comedies. This mix gives the film a sweet and enchanting flavour which will surely make you enjoy the time you spend watching it.
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