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Beowulf (2007)
To Have A Pure Glory, 8 November 2011

It is not a story about a hero who fights monsters and defeat them, it is a story of a man who seeks glory. While this journey he had to pure his soul from the eager to gold or any other passion, from any promise the devil or "himself" can make in order to distract him from his cause, that what makes the story of 'Beowulf' still told not because of 'Grendel' or his mother. In this case 'Beowulf' let himself get tempted by 'Jolie' the mother of all monsters the 'human soul', the result of this temptation led to his end. So the story goes with every hero. I am not sure but this is what I understood from this movie. Despite its beautiful meaning it could have been directed in a much better way, I cannot see the reason why 'Robert Zemeckis' did not make it real life than virtual. But still deserve to be watched.

Love is a revolution, 1 May 2011

This movie about a man who lives a very poring life where everything is scheduled, he did not want to talk to anybody or to have interest in anything. After seeing a beautiful young girl he starts to look to his life with new glasses. He wanted to change the rhythm by starting a new life with her that considered by him as the biggest risk in his life but dramatically at the moment he was escaping from the past he thought that she did not love him and so he decided to die in (exceptional) way which needs a lot of courage. The acting was good, the screenplay is simple though captivating, and the direction is the finest in the movie.This movie worth to be watched.

Nine (2009)
Not a flop, 29 April 2011

Marshall's movies are different; I mean who still directing musicals as he did?

I like Marshall's direction, Day Lewis acting, Penelope's dancing and Marion's looking. This movie about a man who happens to be a director trying to master his world by his own way(greed)and that means to take everything from everybody around till they cannot give any more so they all abandoned him. Now he has to find another way to get his life and his wife back.You cannot have everything even if you have; you will not be able to hold them all together for a long time because you are going to abuse them until they have no more to give you. That is the concept of this movie as I saw it.

Day Lewis is on top of his game now, I believe him and Penelope deserves her Oscar nomination.

This movie is truly under rated.

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Mahfouz and Chahine, 4 August 2008

What a combination between two Egyptian masters Naguib Mahfouz and Youssef Chahine.

This movie talks about a writer and his twin.successful writer with ordinary life,beautiful wife and the other is sailor who live in an opposite manner.the writer became suspicious about a relation between his brother and his wife, then the story goes.

About the story as usual Mahfouz on top with Chahine.direction is also very good ,it's the first movie of Chahine to win an international price and i think it deserve more.

Acting,Ezzat el Alaili i saw him like never before.THIS MOVIE IS REMARKABLE.

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a great Egyptian movie, 29 July 2008

A great movie for a great novel it's one of my favorite Egyptian movies.

Because of many things ;the story that talks about Egypt after 1967 and causes that leads to it,about critics ,writers,actors,lawyers every body even university students at this time.

Acting specially Emad Hamdy who played one of his best performances. i have seen this movie about 7 times or may be more and i can't stop watching it .

About direction by Hussen Kamal who is one the best Egyptian directors of all time .what i say is that movie has it all.i have owner ed to comment for this movie. the end ,it was scream to wake the people up ,i think they do. remember 1973 was 2 years later.WATCH IT.