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A grand failure in an attempt to make the Indian 'American Pie', 13 September 2013

First of all, I should thank with a disclaimer that I am not sure whether i am qualified enough to write about this load of tosh as i walked out of the theater after 30 minutes of sustained torture. My review is based on those 30 minutes. If somebody would make a disconnected movie out of all the adult rated jokes that you might have ever read, that somebody might end up making 'Grand Masti'. I thought i was going in for an Indianized version of the movies like 'American Pie', 'Eurotrip' et all, as i had thoroughly enjoyed them all. Believe me, its nothing like them!! The three heroes Rithesh, Vivek and Aftab run around cracking double meaning 'jokes' and scantly clad 'heroines'. The only aim is the obvious one and the movie is basically an attempt in finding whether they are successful or not. The clichéd-troubled Indian husbands - all action deprived for one stupid reason or the other, forms the basis of the movie. Indra Kumar sticks on to the formula of suspecting husband + husband of a traditional kharelu homemaker Indian wife for a deprived husband. Performance wise, I didn't watch enough to judge how the actors did but from what I saw Aftab desperately wanted to get back on to movies. Walk in: -If you can watch already read jokes on screen. -Vulgarity is your cup of tea. -Those which makes a common man cringe are 'jokes' for you. -If you want to torture a friend so bad that you do not mind going through the same ordeal yourself. -If you are looking at painful alternatives for suicide :)

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Ready steady Poo clicks big time in Oppa Chennai iStyle !!, 8 August 2013

Being a non-SRK fan and non-Rohit Shetty fan, I was dragged into the theater by a few of my friends and I had the least of expectations. It proved to be one of the best decisions i took before watching a movie, as i was able to sit back and enjoy the fun ride to the full extend! SRK is well and truly back and Rohit Shetty proved he is better than 'Bol Bachan'

SRK, especially during the first half steals the show with his brilliant comic timing. Deepika Padukone meanwhile slowly slipped into her role and got more and more ravishing as the movie progressed. Background score was commendable and the camera work was simply out of the world. The beauty of Southern India was promptly displayed on screen. For once, the songs in a bollywood movie did not feel misplaced nor incorrect. Everything just jelled in so well. The second half could have been made a little less dragging though.

The movie was a mash up of one tamil movie(which I am not naming here, to avoid spoilers) and many of the old SRK movies but never felt overtly redundant. SRK, then put every other positive to the backseat by dedicating a song to Thalaiva, Rajnikanth which pretty much should seal the fate of the movie as a blockbuster even if it didn't have any of the above good things about it.

My verdict: Expect nothing and get something close to everything :)

Raanjhanaa (2013)
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Love and its many shades, 21 June 2013

Dhanush who had earlier wooed the South Indian audience with his acting skills, chose a script tailor made for him to launch himself into Bollywood. The movie, doesn't disappoint those who enjoyed the stories where love stands above everything else in life. To top it all, when you have ARR weaving his magic with some sublime music, the beauty of Banaras just comes alive in front of your eyes. The three main characters, all have their own shades of grey and more often than not they stem from Love. Sonam for once does justice to her role, she grew into her role as the movie progressed and gave a telling performance that she could reflect back with pride. Abhay was as flawless as ever, just easing through his role with nonchalant ease. It would only be fair if i end where I started - Dhanush simply stole the show with his intense portrayal of a person driven by love, a person who does the most stupid, brave and incomprehensible of things in the name of love. My Verdict: Expect a love story with a traditional characterization supported by some brilliant music and clean performances by the lead cast - you won't be disappointed.

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The real man of steel, 15 June 2013

I would probably be the only person from my gang who liked the movie. The reason being simple. I went in expecting a Superman movie and not a Batman (or for that matter a 300). At the same time, I pity the people who went in to watch it, WITHOUT wanting mind-blowing special effects, Superman's 'Superman' powers, Hans Zimmer's magical music and the Nolan-Snyder effect!. The movie was a tad lengthy though. Snyder presents to us a Superman who had a background - a story which made him make the choices that he made. Hans Zimmer, meanwhile 'not-so- silently' wove his magic in the background. 'Man of Steel' is probably the only movie in which, even the Super-Villain 'General Zod', looks justified for his actions. The man of Steel has finally arrived and he will be called SuperMan!

District 9 (2009)
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Sci-Fi at its best !, 29 August 2009

District 9 is easily one of the best Science fiction movies that I have seen for a long time. Neill Blomkamp is not yet 30, but has shown immense potential by churning out District 9 as it is from the sort of budget that we cannot associate with mainstream sci-fi movies in Hollywood. The characters have all been well etched out! My admiration for the movie only doubled after reading in IMDb that the actor Sharlto Copley had not acted before. He did give one steller performance.

Although the movie falls into the sci-fi genre, it was one of the very few which makes people believe that things that are being depicted, could have happened. Even after hours of watching the movie, I was still left thinking about the beauty of the characters and the plot and this, was precisely the driving factor behind me preaching the movie even after numerous people have already done the same !

Luck (2009/I)
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Poor luckless souls !!, 27 July 2009

Please don't mistake the title for the fate of any of the characters, from the movie 'Luck'. It was just an ode to people who had to go through the ordeal (which might just find stark, blunt resonance with the worst of nightmares, that one might have to face in movie hall) of sitting through the 120 minutes of the movie luck.

Right from the opening sequence, where Sanjay Dutt, defies death by running across some 6-7 moving trains which travel with amazing sync through the moment when fully loaded guns fail to fire on a few handpicked lucky heroes and villains to the scene where a bullet rushes through the exact position where an ordinary human being was supposed to have his heart, only to find out "alas ! it is the lucky hero and his heart is placed in some remote area of the body which usually holds something else ! duh !

Then you might ask, for what I gave the movie a 4 out of 10. Well its for the guts of Sanjay Dutt,Imran Khan and Midhun Dada for betting that this is going to work. Shruthi Hassan, I felt, was a different face, from the usual Bollywood heroines. Sanjay Dutt does no justice to what he is capable of, by reprising the roles he did in Musafir, Dhamaal , Dus Kahaniyan and so on!And yes, its also because I did shell out a few bucks to go over to the theater to watch it and would feel that I just threw it away in the wind if I don't give it at least a 4 :) So do you want to be lucky??

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Potter Movie comes of age.. the best of the series, till now, 21 July 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The previous installments of Harry Potter have all been thorough disappointments of what the books represented, and me, being an avid HP fan found them quite hard to digest.

The Half blood prince, though, came as a pleasant surprise, but then again there were quite a few visible flaws and un-pleasantries about the movie, that I would like to mention (atleast so that the people reading this won't think that I am not patronizing the movie :D). First to mention is about the scene in which Dumbledore is killed. The actual scene from the book mentioned that Harry was immobilized by a charm from Dumbledore, whilst the event took place. In the movie, though, Harry was able and simple standing n watching while prof.Dumbledore was being murdered. This was quite unexplainable and stupefying to see that :(. The second thing abt the movie, is the overtly evident importance given to teen romance. Although it was quite enjoyable, I did feel that it ate away on the quality screen time which could have been used to include the conveniently dumped scenes from the book :)

Negatives aside, I felt that the movie had a soul and that was the most heartening factor about the movie. The friendship shared by Ron(Rupert Grint), Hermione( Emma Watson) and Harry( Daniel Radcliff) were most effectively portrayed. The other characters especially Dumbledore,Snape n Slughorn were quite brilliantly portrayed. The background score was quite haunting and gelled well with the theme!

On the whole, this is one movie for die-hard HP fans and its my assurance that you will lap it up just like the way I did!

New York (2009)
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Dealt with a very hefty topic, n fell a few yards short of the target !, 3 July 2009

It is not often that one is smothered with a nice 'out of the box' topic in a bollywood movie. The movie new york came as a pleasant surprise and at the same time I have to say that I was not blown away completely by some awe-inspiring spectacle, thanks mainly to the below par acting display from Neil. Pritam, the music director did justice to his tag of 'copy-cat' by 'ctrl+c'- 'ctrl+v' ing some hit south Asian music tracks and quite surprisingly he has been successful till now.

John Abraham as 'Sam' and Irfan Khan as the F.B.I officer made up for the otherwise woeful cast. Although, I did feel that the 'Sam' story required more screen time, in order to have made a more solid impression on the viewer. On the whole 'New York' is a one-time watchable post 9/11 melodrama that has a heart but far-fetched and jagged at some some places.

Delhi-6 (2009)
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Monkey Man misses the mark !, 21 February 2009

Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, after creaming out the rebel in all of us, shoots out another 'out of the box' drama. This time though , he misses the mark. If Multiple story lines running parallel to the main plot failing to converge sums up the first half , a highly ambiguous n hard to digest climax mars the second half.

The movie had a head start with some awesome music by A R Rahman, already creating sensation, but to say that it was underused would be an understatement. Roshan (Abhishek) comes back to the gullies of Chandini Chowk, to leave his ailing Dadi ( Waheeda Rahman) home. Here he meets character played by Rishi Kapoor (who once loved Roshan's mother) who helps him out, every time he runs into trouble with the local cop. The two fighting brothers ,played by Om puri and Pavan Malhothra , have perfectly affable families with lots of gossips and pleasantries being exchanged. Sonam Kapoor plays the female lead as Bittu ( a wannabe Indian Idol). The old Lala has a 2o-something wife who cheats on him. There is Jelebi(Divya Dutta), the untouchable of the society and last but not the least the Gobar( Athul Kulkarni), the simpleton temple worker.

The movie was complicated in itself with so many sub plots woven together, but the director seemed to pull it off with stunning ease. The monkey man episode, which was once a headline of the past was used quite ably by the director to show that the love and brotherhood that we as people have can vanish in the matter of seconds. It was all shaping up well until the messed up climax. The story with 'message' took a thorough beating. The complication was compounded with a hard to digest superlative sentimental drama in the end and to tell the truth, I felt cheated after being offered so much for around 110 minutes.

My final verdict is that, I would have preferred watching the movie without the bizarre excuse in the name of a climax !

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Delivers as promised!, 27 January 2009

Raaz TMC may not be as spine chilling as the original Raaz(2002), but it sure delivers! Kangana Raunat as Nanditha gives out her best performance till date. If she was all about attitude in her previous release 'Fashion'(2008), here she is an emotional, loving and expressive lady. Unlike most of the bollywood lead ladies she does know how to act. Her portrayal of the lady who has to deal with the supernatural was the most defining aspect of the movie.

Adhyayan Suman( son of Shekhar Suman) as Yash(Nanditha's lover boy) does well for a person doing his second film only. And the less that is said about Emraan Hashmi, the better. His role of the painter, who can paint the future(an idea lifted straight from Heroes, but presented in a different manner) was pivotal to the plot and was surprisingly less inclined towards the womanizer roles that he usually does. Jackie Sheroff was highly underused and dwelling into his character will reveal the plot, so less said , the better.

Just like the previous edition, the songs of Raaz 2 are good n hummable. The storyline also offers some respite, from the clichéd family dramas n love stories. Mohit Suri, the director has done a commendable job, but he has left a few loose ends as well, like for eg: What exactly is the role of the supernatural in painter's ability to paint the future??.

In a nutshell, I would say this is one movie that you can enjoy, if u in a mood for some Kangana Raunat special with a horror angle to it!

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