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Why are People NOT Watching this Program?, 24 March 2005

I was not shocked that Jonny Zero was canceled. In a schedule of "reality", where is there room for a show like this? Action, dark characters, cleaver plots, exciting guest stars and cast members and not to mention the star Frankie G., are a few traits of what this show had going on. We as an audience were just getting to know the characters and they unmercifully yank them away. There have been a hand of shows that I couldn't wait to watch, this was one of them. There was more realness in this show than in many. A person would think that the network would at least show all the episodes before making such a stupid and rash decision of canceling a show with such great potential. For such a brief relationship you will be missed. RIP in Jonny Calvo and friends.

"Boomtown" (2002)
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Another GREAT Series Bites the Dust, 3 January 2004

How can NBC be such a wishy washy network? Finally a cop show that covered criminal activity from the point of view from all involved. From the "perp" to the uniform to the detective to the paramedic to the ADA and so on. There were great story lines and wonderful acting from the phenomenal ensemble cast. Adding Vanessa Williams to me was just what the show needed. Then Boomtown. Why weren't people watching? I don't get it. This show had promise. They did however show 4 new episodes on the last weekend of 2003. I'm not a big "cop show" watcher and this show was my link to excellent TV. Now it's gone. How depressing. With all the talent that was on the show, I'm sure these marvelous actors with rise above and show us true acting talent.

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Sisters at Their Finest, 9 October 2003

I think this show is funny. No not funny, flipping hilarious. They seem like real sisters. I feel the family (husband and kids) are just a back drop, but this is about Hope and Faith. They have great chemistry, if allowed to and not canceled. I don't know what people expect from a sitcom these days, so I wouldn't be surprised if it does get canceled. In the episode where the title characters got into the food fight, I rewound it and watched it 3 times and laughed harder every time I saw it. They take risks and even shock the audience. In another episode, Kelly licks the finger of a dead woman just to get a ring that she thinks belongs to her dead Mother. I feel their comic timing is fresh and full of delicious fabulous fun.

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Better than I expected, 13 September 2003

I am so not into scary movies. The twists and turns of the story line were edge of the seat watchable. The ending was the best. I recommend this to intelligent movie goers. The murderer is not who you expected it be. As most thrillers, go. Why give up who the "bad guy" really is? The first true scary movie for me was Halloween when I was 13 years old. This one is no Halloween, but it was able to make me jump at the right times. We all know about those Urban Legends, but do we really believe them? Enjoy this movie, don't pick it apart.

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My Man Martin at his best, 28 August 2003

From the man who gave us you go girl/boy, wazzzup and talk to the hand, comes the comedy of a genius. He takes us into his world and explains what exactly happened - TRUTHFULLY. He tells it like it is, but with great humour. For me first it was Richard Pryor, then Eddie Murphy, now it's my man Martin. He speaks of one of the best documentaries ever filmed, Eyes on the Prize and talks fondly of his namesake, the late-great, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Fine, he may say f*** alot, but he's very passionate and that word is for the passionate to express themselves. Def Jam's original host made me laugh, cry and cheer. I recommend to all of you who want a good laugh and don't have too many hang ups. Bring us some Mr. Lawrence.

Seabiscuit (2003)
A Great Canadian/American Classic, 10 August 2003

Many people do not realize that the main character John (Red) Pollard was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta CANADA in 1909. He would travel the horseracing "circuit", by staying in Canada during the non-snow months and then travel to the US during the snow months. As a proud Canadian, I wish Hollywood would give the Canucks a little more credit for our history.

Great Show With "REAL" Characters, 26 June 2003

When I first heard of CSI, it was when it was the #1 show in America. I first thought, I'm not going to be like everyone else and watch "that show." Well, I watched an episode purely out of curiosity and I was instantly hooked. It's more than just a medical/police mystery series. Each character is cleverly flawed. From gambling problems, a former stripper, going deaf and other neurotic traits come forth from these complex yet compelling characters. They come across like someone you know or could relate to. Also, they work the night shift and we all know what kind of sinister things happen at night. I find myself now paying attention to forensics and catch myself saying there's a good (finger) print or there's a great source of DNA. There aren't any big name guest stars, so everyone seems to be the character they portray. The passion each character displays is gripping. Yet the light humour at moments help the shock of what's really going on. (Death is not a happy subject). I will watch this program until it's dying breath. Thank you Mr. Zuiker for creating such a treat not to mention the AWESOME ensemble cast and crew.

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People at their finest - when they're eating, 15 November 2002

Get 5 hungry celebrities together at a table and see what goes in and out of their mouths. That's Dinner for Five. Jon Favreau, what a host. I've seen so many different types of celebrities sit together and meet on a common ground, on this program. It just gets better the more the wine is poured. I am a big fan of anything that is independently filmed and you see people doing what we all do, EAT. Well, maybe not a lot of the actual eating is shown, but the dinner conversation is excellent. I hope this program lasts a few years.

This is the first Steven Seagal movie I've ever liked, 12 November 2002

But then again I haven't seen all his work to really form a proper judgement. The bridge scene at the beginning was very well done. For one thing I live in Calgary(where the scene was shot)and I'm well aware of the area. The story line was more than easy to follow, with more than just car chases, gun fights, martial arts, etc. I recommend it to all.

"Becker" (1998)
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Grumpiness at it's finest, 22 April 2002

I never was much of a Cheers fan, but when I saw Ted Danson as Dr. John

Becker, he got himself a new fan. His bitching usually has a point to it. Inconsiderate people, and in a city like New York, I'm sure they get their fair share of them. I never miss an episode. I never find the script to be tired or the cast to lose my interest. Margaret is Becker's left and right arm. She is the glue that holds the office together. Where as Linda, well she's a bimbo with the right colored hair. (all dumb blondes are originally brunettes)It is one hell of an ensemble cast. With Jake, Reggie and Bob at the diner, the laughs are endless. Even the patients are a bunch of wacks. I recommend this to people who are fed up with the jerks out there.

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